Large floating Styrofoam lure removed from water

The Department of Environment responded to a report of abandoned fishing gear off the coast of Grand Cayman on Friday and found a fish aggregation device arranged in the water.

That device – which is used by fisherman to lure oceanic species – was the second of its kind found this summer. A similar device was found offshore of the Rum Point channel on July 29 and subsequently removed.

The device found Friday was buoyed by a number of Styrofoam floats encased in a net, and over time, they would have broken down and released thousands of small particles, according to the Department of Environment.

Two lines were attached to the buoy, with the shorter one encircling a number of palm fronds and the longer one consisting of rubber-coated steel cable. The cable extended over 80 feet and had snagged the bottom, but the device caused minimal damage to the reef before it was removed, the DoE said in a Facebook posting on the find.

According to the DoE the steel cable would have attached to an anchor to keep the device in position wherever it was originally deployed, before it broke free and floated to Cayman.

Fish aggregation devices, known as FADs, require a permit for use in the Cayman Islands.

A fish aggregation device that was pulled from the water.

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