Police troubled by rash of DUI incidents

A spate of DUI arrests in the past several days is alarming, police officials say.

Since Friday, six people have been arrested for driving under the influence. Four of those had blood-alcohol levels more than twice the legal limit.

Four of the six arrests were made after drivers were stopped for other traffic violations, including speeding.

“We are alarmed at the level of inebriation of some of the drivers arrested this weekend, which makes a collision almost inevitable,” said Inspector Ian Yearwood of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit in a statement.

In one early Sunday morning incident, a woman, 28, was stopped just after midnight following a traffic collision on West Bay Road just south of Seven Mile Public Beach, between a BMW and a Honda Civic.

The drivers were breath tested, and the woman, who had been driving the Civic, gave a reading of 0.277.

The legal limit is 0.1. She was arrested for DUI and later granted bail.