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New police area commander for Sister Islands

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has appointed Inspector Ian Yearwood as the new area commander for the Sister Islands. He succeeds Acting Inspector Kevin Bogle in the role.

Police appoint new traffic unit chief

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has appointed Inspector Dwayne Jones as its new head of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit, replacing Inspector Ian Yearwood.

Police car damaged, officer injured in hit and run

A police officer suffered minor injuries when a vehicle traveling at high speed collided with the police car in which he was traveling Saturday morning.

Police troubled by rash of DUI incidents

A spate of DUI arrests in the past several days is alarming, police officials say.

Police make four New Year DUI arrests

Police arrested four people for driving under the influence of alcohol in the early hours of the first day of the year, bringing the total holiday season DUI arrests to 47.

Police ramping up holiday activities

Police have made 32 DUI arrests, including one in which the driver was three times over the legal and six which were twice over the limit, since the beginning of December.

Christmas clampdown on drunk driving menace

Traffic police are promising a clampdown on drunk driving as the Christmas party season approaches.

Police deliver message of road safety to football-playing youngsters

Summer campers learned a little more than football at the FC International Football Camp on Wednesday.

Police make 10 DUI arrests over weekend

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service made 10 arrests for driving under the influence last weekend as part of its ongoing traffic enforcement operations.

Court cites Crown’s ‘lack of respect’

Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez has given the Crown one final chance to bring its case against a man charged with assaulting a police officer, a case that has dragged on for nearly a year.

Eleven traffic arrests over weekend

The head of police’s Traffic Management Unit said Cayman was “lucky that no one lost their life on the road this weekend” because of irresponsible and dangerous driving.

20 crashes, 3 DUIs reported over weekend

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service recorded at least 20 crashes during the past weekend for the second weekend in a row and at least the fifth time so far this year.

Wet weather, DUIs lead to 30 weekend accidents

There were 30 vehicle collisions this weekend on Grand Cayman, marking at least the fourth weekend since July in which there have been 20 or more crashes.

‘Colorful language’ resulted in arrest

A Royal Cayman Islands Police Service inspector testified in court Monday that he arrested a man for using foul language.

Court views video in police assault case

A man accused of assaulting a police inspector at a traffic stop Dec. 10 last year appeared in court Tuesday, where the defendant’s lawyer suggested the incident occurred because the police officer had lost his temper and acted inappropriately.

Students learn road safety skills

Students from the Cayman International School were taught proper pedestrian and road user safety last week by representatives from Rotary and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Cayman tallies 47 crashes in two weekends

The Cayman Islands has seen at least three weekends within the past two months with more than 20 vehicle accidents between Friday and Sunday, according to records published by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

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