Police urge safe driving after 25 weekend collisions

The car involved in Saturday morning's crash is removed from the scene. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Police Monday urged the public to practice safe driving behaviours following 25 weekend collisions, including one that resulted in a fatality.

Jessus Burowise Ebanks, 33, was killed in a crash Friday night in West Bay. Another serious collision on West Bay Road left one man in critical condition. 

“It’s everyone’s job to help keep our roads safe,” Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay said. “A quick glance at that cell phone, failing to indicate, or rushing to pass an intersection before the other car pulls out, are some of the seemingly minor things that can contribute to a collision. A police officer may not pull you over every single time you do one of these things, but it only takes one moment of carelessness for these actions to put your life, or someone else’s life, at risk.”

In addition to responding to 25 collisions over the weekend, RCIPS officers also issued 23 speeding tickets, 12 tickets for using a mobile phone while driving, and arrested 3 persons for DUI.

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  1. “Urging” the public to drive safely is pointless, I am on the roads throughout the day and I can’t recall the last time I saw the police patrolling the two lane highways where hundreds speed every day. I don’t even see them in George Town walking their beat. We have hundreds of policemen, where are they?.

    • Spot on. I hardly ever see a police car on the roads or police officers on patrol.

      But I DO see cars every day speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. I don’t mean doing 45 in a 40 mph limit. I mean 60 mph +.

      Motorcyclists are the worst.