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DoE: Cats endangering native species

The Department of Environment in recent weeks has been highlighting the threats feral and, in some cases, wandering domestic cats pose to local wildlife.

Blue iguanas: Back from the brink but still under threat

The Blue Iguana Conservation organisation has launched a five-year 'Strategic Species Action Plan' to help conserve Grand Cayman’s most iconic reptile species, which it...

Local crew shares stories of moviemaking

The opportunity to work on a professional film set is a dream come true for anyone passionate about movies, but rarely does the chance...

Cayman holds first International Blue Iguana Day

Fred Burton, the man responsible for bringing Cayman’s blue iguanas back from the verge of extinction, was honoured Saturday at the first annual International Blue Iguana Day.

Blue iguana babies abound this season

Sixty blue iguanas have already hatched in captivity this year and more are expected, marking one of the best breeding seasons yet for the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme.

Blue iguana death a ‘blow’ to recovery programme

An endangered blue iguana appears to have been run over deliberately at the side of the road in East End.

MRCU testing mosquitoes that target blue iguanas

A new study being conducted by the Mosquito Research and Control Unit is targeting mosquitoes that feed on blue iguanas. The research project, which began in April this year, is a joint effort between the MRCU and Mississippi State University.

Weekly numbers dip, but cullers surpass 900,000 iguanas

The number of green iguanas turned in by Grand Cayman’s cullers took a dip this past week compared to the previous period.

Blue iguanas have an extra 10 acres to roam

The Blue Iguana programme is getting a helping hand from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds with the purchase approximately 10 acres of land adjacent to the National Trust’s Salina Reserve in East End.

A baker’s dozen of baby blues hatch in breeding programme

Thirteen baby blue iguanas hatched in Grand Cayman this week, resulting from captive-breeding efforts by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

Born to be wild: Hatchling highlights blue iguana recovery efforts

The first wild blue iguana hatchling of 2019 was spotted by researchers in Grand Cayman on Saturday.

Endangered species

Endangered species — our editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL — Getting serious about resource preservation

More than a third of all marine mammals around the world; more than 40% of amphibian species. The prospect is — or ought to be — unthinkable.

Nature’s dangerous decline: 1 million species facing extinction

A new United Nations report highlighting the devastating impact of humans on the natural world should serve as an urgent ‘wake-up call’ to policymakers in the Cayman Islands and across the globe, according to a host of environmental officials, researchers and non-profits.

Large blue iguana nest brings promise of healthy hatchlings

Grand Cayman has its first captive-bred, blue iguana nest of the year, and researchers are hopeful that the sheer number of eggs will mean a healthy batch of hatchlings this summer. 

“Blue” iguana

Today's editorial cartoon.

Milestone reached with release of blue iguana

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands announced Friday that it has released its 1,000th blue iguana into the wild.

Blue iguanas released into Botanic Park

Twelve blue iguanas were released back into the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on Thursday, doubling the park’s resident population and signaling the end of a long journey.

Another wave of blue iguanas ready for release into the wild

The blue iguana population at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park cleared an important hurdle last week, when a visiting team of veterinarians and technicians performed its annual health check

Blue iguanas near milestone number in wild

Cayman’s blue iguana population is healthy and poised to reach a round number milestone in its renaissance from the threat of near-extinction. The Blue Iguana Recovery Program will release its 1,000th specimen into the wild at some point this summer, accomplishing a rare victory in the field of species conservation.


Today's editorial cartoon

National Trust: Cause of blue iguana deaths still unknown

National Trust for the Cayman Islands Executive Director Christina Pineda called for an end to speculation over blue iguana illnesses Friday, clarifying that researchers do not know the cause of 14 untimely deaths of the endangered species.

Bacteria linked to blue iguana deaths

Researchers in Grand Cayman are working to determine why 17 blue iguanas at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park have fallen ill or died over the past two years. The mystery began in May 2015 when a Blue Iguana Recovery Program staff member discovered a blue iguana with signs of lethargy at the park.

EDITORIAL – Breach of Trust: Why no word about threat to blue iguanas?

For two years, we now know, the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and local veterinarians have been identifying and treating infected animals. So why is the public only learning about it now?

Blue iguana sculpture marks entryway to Botanic park

A 600-pound Cayman Blue Iguana statue has been donated to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in North Side by two Wisconsin artists. The larger-than-life concrete and rebar sculpture has been placed at the park’s entrance as a star attraction to welcome visitors.

Cayman’s conservation success story told in New York

A new exhibit highlighting the Grand Cayman blue iguana’s recovery from the brink of extinction has opened at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

New blue iguana twins a rarity

The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme has had a successful breeding year thus far, with close to 50 new baby blues hatched, topped off with the arrival of a set of twins now settling in at the program’s North Side breeding facility.

Blue iguanas hatching at National Trust

Volunteers and staff put the plastic containers in the bottom of a bathtub before opening them up to meet Cayman’s newest blue iguanas. The endangered reptiles, as soon as they’re released from the containers that once protected the iguana eggs, start scrambling up the sides of the bathtub, following their natural instinct to find somewhere to hide.

Cull to tackle Cayman’s 500,000 green iguanas

A weeklong green iguana culling trial kicked off this week in a bid to control the population, which has been estimated to have reached half a million on Grand Cayman.

Blue iguanas getting ready to hatch

It’s blue iguana nesting season, and from early indications there should be plenty of baby iguanas hatching over the next few months.

Earth Day at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

We can think of no better place to visit for Earth Day than the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in North Side.

Fieldwork for iguana survey wraps up

Things appear to be looking up for Cayman’s wild blue iguana population.

Population count of blue iguanas under way

A population assessment of Cayman’s blue iguanas is being carried out to determine the current number of the endangered lizards in the wild.

Bird food raises money for blue iguanas

Visitors who hand fed birds at the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm have helped raise $1,324 for the Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

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