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Edna Moyle Primary graded ‘satisfactory’

The Office of Education Standards has rated Edna M. Moyle Primary School as ‘satisfactory’ overall, noting it has improved since the last inspection in March 2015 when it received an ‘unsatisfactory’ grade.

Edna Moyle Primary School wins veterans award

North Side’s Edna Moyle Primary School has won the Cayman Islands Veterans Association mahogany shield.

EDITORIAL – Officials should ‘play ball’ with North Side parents

We support the community’s spirit and empathize with their impatience. There is no question that the students and community will benefit from the new football field and track, yet – thanks to government inaction – this relatively simple project has lain dormant for years.

PTA charges ahead with North Side school playfield

Parents of students at the Edna M. Moyle Primary School met with members of the PTA executive committee on Thursday night to hear about plans for developing the school playing field after MLA Ezzard Miller complained government had not earmarked any funds for the project.

Two primary schools show satisfactory inspection progress

Recent inspections of Edna M. Moyle and Creek and Spot Bay primary schools found that both had made satisfactory progress in addressing recommendations they were given as part of inspections during the 2014/15 school year.

Golden Apple honors Cayman’s educators

Twelve of Cayman’s most outstanding teachers from local and private schools were honored at the 2018 Golden Apple Awards on Saturday, May 26.

Schools get jingle fever

Cayman’s primary school children are literally singing the praises of recycling and waste reduction, with four schools submitting “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” jingles for an Earth Month competition hosted by the Department of Environmental Health.

150 students turn out for Battle of the Books

One of Edna M. Moyle Primary School student Simon Hansson’s favorite books is “Brothers at Bat,” the tale of a 1930s family that was big enough to form its own baseball team.

North Side school holds fundraiser

The Edna M. Moyle Primary School in North Side will hold a fundraiser Saturday night at the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre, next door to the school.

Literacy month has young North Side readers on the hunt at Camana Bay

Grades 1, 2 and 3 students from North Side’s Edna M. Moyle Primary School explored Camana Bay Tuesday in search of their favorite storybook characters as part of Literacy Month.
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North Side school to hold bingo night fundraiser

The Edna M. Moyle Primary School Parent Teacher Association is hosting its second Family Fun Bingo Night from 6-8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 18, at the school hall. Organizers said the fundraiser is for various school needs and netball uniforms.

Santa brings Christmas cheer to North Side Primary

The students of North Side’s Edna M. Moyle Primary School got a special Christmas treat, thanks to a visit from Santa and his helpers.

District students take action for Earth Day

Doing their part for the planet on Earth Day, Year 5 students at Edna M. Moyle Primary School in North Side took the opportunity to educate their fellow students about the serious issue of waste, advocating for the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Students learn sailing skills

A group of North Side youngsters is getting an introduction to one of Cayman’s more popular water sports.

Sponsors help fund school trip

Sponsors helped nine students raise $11,000 for a Year Six class trip to Orlando, Florida.

Students raise more than $3,000 for music program

Young students helped raise $3,169.21 for their primary school music program.

Edna Moyle primary gets new laptops

Students with special education needs at Edna M. Moyle Primary School now have access to new laptops to help improve their reading and writing skills.

Colorful, musical day for Junior Batabano

The festive Junior Batabano parade was among the highlights of the annual event on Saturday.

Commonwealth essay winners celebrated

Twenty-eight primary and high school students who won prizes in the Royal Commonwealth Society 2014 essay competition were presented with awards at Government House last week.

School girls marched for glory

Local women showed their cheerleading flair at netball’s opening ceremony.

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