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Should Cayman introduce its own digital currency?

Some of the most advanced digital currency pilot projects can be found in the Caribbean.

Economist reports US$500 million impact of Cayman Enterprise City

A new report released by Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) has put the special economic zone’s economic impact during the first 10 years of its operation at US$502 million.

Economist cautions Cayman must address wealth disparity

Cayman may have become a ‘victim of its own success’ with high prices for food, housing and utilities outstripping those expenses in the US...

Economist: ‘Cayman taking hit, but will recover nicely’

Cayman’s “really strong” economic and fiscal position means it is the best-placed country in the Caribbean to respond meaningfully to the current crisis, according to economist Marla Dukharan.

Podcast: Caribbean economies face ‘the great reset’

The Cayman Compass talks to Trinidadian economist Marla Dukharan about rethinking the way Caribbean economies should be structured post-COVID 19.

Chamber of Commerce forum to focus on ‘Rebuilding a better Cayman’

This year's Economic Forum, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, will be held virtually next month.

How does a 15% contraction feel? Like 2013 – only worse

Current economic projections predict recessions all over the world at levels rarely, if ever, seen before. The Cayman Islands, for instance, is facing a 15% contraction of its economic activity this year. But what does this really mean? In terms of economic activity, it would transport the islands back to where they were in 2013.

Economist: Hit from COVID-19 could go beyond 2021

economist Marla Dukharan writes in her COVID-19 Caribbean Economic Impact Report,

2018 Tourism Conference: How much tourism is too much?

Balancing quantity with quality should be a key consideration for tourism destinations like the Cayman Islands, according to two guest speakers at the 2018 Annual Tourism Conference.

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