Weather Forecast

Weather experts: Sahara dust diminishing cyclone activity

Movement of dry air and dust from the Sahara desert is keeping the Caribbean hurricane season at bay – for now.

Hurricane activity forecast to increase in coming months

Forecasters are predicting a more active end to what has been a relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season.

Developing weather system of no concern for Cayman

A weather disturbance in the Eastern Atlantic is likely to develop into a tropical depression over the weekend as it heads towards the Caribbean. Forecasters say they do not believe it poses any threat to the Cayman Islands.

Tropical disturbance poses no threat to Cayman

A tropical wave moving over the Eastern Caribbean has a 10% chance of developing into a cyclone in the next five days, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

Pet-friendly hurricane shelters could save human lives

The first pet-friendly hurricane shelters will open their doors to Cayman Islands residents in the event of a storm this summer.

Cayman experiences dry year and a half

The Cayman Islands built up a rainfall deficit of 6.21 inches over an 18‑month period, according to data provided by the National Weather Service.

Wet weather prevails in early July in Cayman

The Cayman Islands had a wet week. Nearly two inches of rain fell over a seven-day period, according to the Cayman Islands National Weather Service.

Potential cyclone developing off southern US

An unusual storm system that is expected to develop off the coast of the southern United States will have little or no impact on the Cayman Islands, meteorologist Allen Ebanks said on Monday.

Airport flooded as torrential rains hit Cayman

Heavy rain caused flooding in parts of Cayman, Tuesday, including at the new multi-million dollar airport terminal.

Torrential rain brings flooding

A heavy downpour Tuesday afternoon led to extensive flooding in parts of Grand Cayman.

Joint UK/Cayman hurricane exercise

Simulating a response to a major hurricane strike on Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, teams from the Governor’s Office, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, the Royal Cayman Islnds Police Service, 911 and the Government Communications Service took part this week in a joint training exercise with counterparts from the UK and the British High Commission in Kingston.

Tropical wave nears Cayman on Friday

A tropical wave south of Puerto Rico is expected to move into the Cayman area Friday evening, bringing scattered showers through Friday night, according to the National Weather Service.
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