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Update: Zeta now a Category 1 hurricane

Sea surges generated by the passage of Tropical Storm Zeta are expected to continue around Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands over the next couple of days, National Weather Service meteorologist Avalon Porter has said.

Tropical Storm Zeta brings rain and waves to Cayman

Cayman has seen some wet weather over the past 48 hours, as Tropical Storm Zeta brought rain and windy conditions to the island.

Tropical Storm Zeta to bring more rain, rough seas

Tropical Storm Zeta is drifting away from the Cayman Islands, but flood risk and rough seas will persist.

Tropical depression to bring more rain, possible flooding

Tropical Depression 28 has formed south of Grand Cayman. While the system will bring rain throughout the weekend, it is expected to drift away from the Cayman Islands in coming days, according to the National Weather Service.

UPDATE: Weather service issues flood warning

The Cayman Islands National Weather Service has issued a flood warning, which is expected to remain in effect until Sunday evening as heavy rains are forecast over the weekend.

Tropical depression likely to form

A broad area of low pressure located near Grand Cayman has become better organised and could develop into a tropical depression in the coming days.

Epsilon now a Cat 1 hurricane

Tropical Storm Epsilon was upgraded to a category one hurricane and is expected to further strengthen Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center has said.

TS Epsilon latest: Tropical storm watch issued for Bermuda

A tropical storm watch for Bermuda after Epsilon made a northwestward turn on Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Epsilon forms hundreds of miles off Bermuda

Tropical Storm Epsilon has formed 735 miles southeast of Bermuda, the National Hurricane Center in Miami announced Monday.

Fish storm brews in the Atlantic

The Cayman Islands and the wider eastern Caribbean are not expected to be impacted by the current system.

3 weather systems in region

Meteorologists are keeping an eye on three weather systems are currently in the Caribbean area.

2020 sees record-breaking hurricane season

The year 2020 continues to be unique for all the wrong reasons. This time, it’s for a notable number of powerful storms.

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