Jet Ski passenger rescued

A major search and rescue operation Saturday ended with a man being saved from the water following a Jet Ski accident in the North Sound.

The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at approximately 1.50pm Saturday from a man reporting that his brother was missing in the water. The man told operators he and his brother had been thrown from a Wave Runner and his brother had been missing for approximately 45 minutes.

The joint Customs, Immigration and Police Maine Unit and the Department of Environment were dispatched to carry out searches on the water and police officers were deployed to conduct enquiries on land.

Officers were told that the man and his brother had been travelling from Morgan’s Harbour to Kaibo on a Jet Ski when they hit a heavy rain squall and were thrown from the machine. He said he looked for his brother but could not find him so he travelled to shore to raise the alarm.

Both men told police they had been drinking that day and an exact location of where the brother was last been seen could not be given.

Department of Environment and Maine Officers carried out a search and rescue operation across the North Sound and around 4.20pm the missing man was located by a Department of Environment vessel approximately one-and-a-half miles north west of Booby Cay.

The 30-year-old victim was taken to shore by Cayman Defender patrol boat and he was met by an ambulance. He was not hurt and did not need to be taken to hospital.

‘We are extremely pleased that this young man was found safe and well,’ said Royal Cayman Islands Police Inspector Brad Ebanks of the Maine Unit. ‘Our search and rescue capabilities were tested and I am pleased to say that both we and the Department of Environment performed well.’

‘The assistance offered by the public should also not go unnoticed – we had many people volunteer to assist with the search and for this we are extremely grateful. We saw a real community spirit on Saturday,’ Mr. Ebanks added.