Careers Expo kicks off Friday

Entering the workforce for the first time, or after a period of unemployment, can be daunting, as can making a change of direction in one’s career.

The Careers, Education, Training & Jobs Expo 2011 can help to make this a less fearsome prospect.

With 27 major businesses operating in Cayman exhibiting at this event, this is an ideal forum for job seekers at all levels to explore the types of careers available to them, the training opportunities that are offered and to make contacts with potential employers.

The Expo, now in its 13th year, will be held on Friday, 4 February, at the Family Life Centre off Walkers Road.

The event is free and open to students only from 10am until 2pm and to the public from 2pm to 7pm. Originally launched as Job Search in 1995, the event has grown to encompass much more than matching potential employees with vacancies.

With all booths now filled, there will be 27 exhibitors this year, including KPMG, the Department of Tourism, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Island Companies, Maples & Calder , The Ritz-Carlton – Grand Cayman, the Department of Immigration and the Department of Environmental Health.

Exhibitors at the Careers Expo will be promoting their business as a whole, meeting potential candidates and sharing their corporate brand and philosophy.

The Expo as a whole aims to highlight the variety of employment opportunities available in a broad range of industries, be it financial services, hospitality, retail or health.

On an individual level, exhibitors will be illustrating the variety of potential careers that exist within any one company.

“Many people know DEH for solid waste management but the public is not aware that we have officers that work in the areas of food safety, district sanitation, environmental engineering, laboratory management, administration, accounts and customer service. DEH uses the Careers Expo as a means to encourage students and the public to consider a career in the area of environmental health,” says the spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Health.

Those entering the workforce will have the opportunity to meet with potential employers, learn about the education or qualifications they might need to move in a particular direction and find out about the training opportunities that exist within companies. Island Companies, which has had a presence at the event since its inception emphasize this aspect: “We use the Expo as a way to showcase our training and apprenticeship programmes.”

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