The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is beginning an early recruitment drive amid concerns about high staff turnover in the tourism industry this year.

The luxury resort is hosting an event Thursday evening, July 13, for Caymanians interested in careers. General Manager Marc Langevin said the resort tries something new every year in an effort to attract Caymanians to the job opportunities in the industry.

He said changes to the Pensions Law are expected to exacerbate the usual seasonal staff losses this year, and the resort is looking to fill numerous positions.

He said Thursday’s event is an open house for the community to see the kinds of positions available and to learn how to apply.

“This year we want to be ahead of the game. We know we are going to need a lot of people,” he added.

“It is about identifying talent and pointing potential candidates in the right direction.”

He said jobs range from kitchen work to water sports, special events and retail.

“We are looking for personality more than anything. We are a luxury environment and that requires a certain belief and attitude about hospitality.

“The island has a very small pool of employees, and the more we can do to raise awareness, hopefully the bigger that pool becomes.”

He said the event will be held in the Little Cayman Ballroom from 5-7 p.m. “After 12 years, I am always surprised that there are people that haven’t been inside The Ritz-Carlton,” he said.

“Maybe there is that intimidation factor with a luxury resort, but we are trying to really make it a warm welcome. We will be giving information about what positions are available and really what it takes to be Ritz-Carlton ladies and gentlemen.”

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