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JetBlue to make Cayman return

JetBlue Airways will officially touch down at the Owen Roberts International Airport Saturday making it the first commercial flight returning to local shores since borders were locked last March, Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan announced Wednesday night.

Government weighs removing verifiable vaccination requirement for Cayman arrivals

The requirement to present a QR code in order to demonstrate an arriving passenger has been verifiably vaccinated could soon be off the table for those travelling to Cayman, according to Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan.

CITA: Expanded vaccine list a ‘small step’ but not enough

Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Marc Langevin says that while the tourism industry welcomes the government's expansion of the types of securely verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records it is now accepting, the process does not go far enough.

CITA boss suggests strict COVID-jab policy

If the Cayman Islands is to hit its 80% vaccination target for the border reopening, government will have to move to mandatory vaccinations and not just for work permit-holders, Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Marc Langevin has said.

The Resh Hour with CITA president Marc Langevin

CITA president Marc Langevin joins Compass journalist Reshma Ragoonath to discuss the post-pandemic future of tourism in Cayman.

Tourism association responds to Cayman reopening plan

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association, while welcoming the government's announcement of a border reopening plan, has raised concerns with a number of elements involved, including the timeline and a lack of consultation with the private sector.

Ritz-Carlton recruiting Caymanian workers, but no start dates

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman is in the middle of a recruitment drive, but with no timeline for the reopening of the borders, the successful jobseekers won't be hearing immediately when they can start.

Ritz-Carlton to close for US$50M renovation

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman will close down for six months from 1 June as it carries out renovations.

CITA bosses meet with government

Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Marc Langevin says he is optimistic that lines of communication between his organisation and the government are opening up.
Ritz Carlton manager Marc Langevin

21 people in 2021: Marc Langevin

Marc Langevin has seen a lot of good ideas discussed, debated and published in various reports during his decade in the Cayman Islands. He wants to make sure ideas created during the pandemic become reality.

The Resh Hour with CITA president Marc Langevin

Newly appointed Cayman Islands Tourism Association president and Ritz Carlton General Manager Marc Langevin joins The Resh Hour to discuss tourism

Technology and innovation could help reform the way we move

The absence of bumper-to-bumper traffic was one of the features of life during the pandemic that many Cayman Islands residents enjoyed. With business and school life starting to return to something like normal, the roads are beginning to clog up with cars once again. The latest instalment of our Cayman 2.0 series examines ideas for how to reform public transport.
Ritz Carlton manager Marc Langevin

Ritz-Carlton braces for possibility of lengthy shutdown

Leaders of Cayman’s biggest resort are preparing for the possibility that the island could be closed to tourists for several months.

Langevin: ‘Do we want quality or quantity?’

As the manager of the Cayman Islands’ most luxurious resort, Marc Langevin has a vested interest in the future of the island’s tourism product. Amid an ongoing debate about tourism growth, the general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is keen to see the island retain its reputation as a safe, high-quality destination.

Record-breaking season for Cayman’s hotels

Grand Cayman’s major hotels celebrated a record-breaking festive season with rooms booked up throughout the holidays, and restaurants cashing in on a bumper December for tourism.

Businesses seeing impact of expat exodus

Businesses are starting to see a gradual exodus of employees from the Cayman Islands with some expatriate workers opting to leave before government closes a loophole in the Pensions Law that allows them to cash out their retirement savings as they depart.

Luxury resort steps up recruitment drive

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is beginning an early recruitment drive amid concerns about high staff turnover in the tourism industry this year. The luxury resort is hosting an event Thursday evening, July 13, for Caymanians interested in careers.

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