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Feral cats attacking native species

When we hurriedly left Cayman Brac last March, the property had its usual abundance of curly tail lizards and birds. When we returned early...

Letter: Birds on the Brac

Feral cats are endemic on Cayman Brac, and have been since Year Dot. It is way past time to humanely trap those feral cats – spay and neuter them, and then release them back into the Brac dump and Bluff environs.

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Feral cats pose threat to survival of Brac seabirds

Feral cats present a threat to the survival of a rare seabird colony on Cayman Brac, according to Department of Environment researchers.

Letter: Government is right to cull Sister Islands’ feral cats

All the feral cats I find on my property, I will give them to the government.

Weekend Mail Call: ‘Catfight’ on the Sister Islands

The Compass editorial “Catfight on the sister Islands” had readers talking this week, as animal advocates took to the courts to halt government’s plan to cull booming feral cat populations.

Feral cats

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