‘Bad Moms’ star makes appearance at local premiere

From left, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn get down with some groceries in 'Bad Moms.' - Photo: Michele K. Short

The Cayman premiere of Tinseltown’s latest comedy – “Bad Moms” – was screened at Regal Camana Bay on Friday.

With pre-event online chat going into overdrive about the blockbuster and VIP after-party, local expectations were high. Luckily, both the movie and actress Kathryn Hahn’s attendance at the post-screening shindig lived up to the hype.

Kathryn Hahn

Hahn, a Yale drama school graduate, gave a stellar performance.

As “bad” mom Carla, the actress-comedienne stole the show in a cast of Hollywood heavyweights including Christina Applegate, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Jada Pinkett-Smith. You have to be pretty near the top of your game to out-act that lot.

We either all know a girlfriend with elements of Carla – or wish we did. Rampant, lawless, and did I say rampant? The character, portrayed by a lesser actor would have come off as one dimensional, yet in Hahn’s hands, Carla was utterly convincing.

Don’t go to see the film looking for any life-changing messages; rather sit back and enjoy the many “welcome to my world”-type moments moms face, the brilliantly played physical comedy, killer soundtrack and the unapologetically below-the-belt laughs.

While “Bad Moms” probably will not win any Oscars in the finesse department, it’s definitely up there as one of the funniest female-centered comedies in years.

Relatable comedy

Any movie that navigates the stress-inducing woes common among most moms who strive to juggle the multiple demands of modern parenting while keeping it hilariously on point, gets my vote. Those of us balancing full-time work while trying to live up to being a caring mother, domestic goddess, sports mom, short-order cook and after-school chauffeur, will get this film, which more than justifies its R-rating.

Taking a long overdue side-swipe at society’s overwhelming expectations of motherhood, not least from moms who judge others, “Bad Moms” felt like a movie whose time had come. The film’s themes and how it tackled them, judging by all the whooping and the belly laughs from the audience, resonated strongly with the predominantly female crowd.

With its complimentary glasses of Chardonnay throughout the screening, and occasional audience wisecracks, the screening resembled a hugely funny and long overdue girls’ night in.

VIP after-party

Flown in from Los Angeles by Camana Bay to add a touch of Hollywood glamor to the after-party, Hahn rocked up and floored guests with her bonhomie.

Those on the guest list, to steal the movie’s tagline, “partied like mothers,” and often out of their Manolos, egged on by DJs cranking out solid tunes, a lit-up dance floor, choice canapés and a nicely stocked bar. This was a primo party and everyone knew it.

On this, Hahn’s first visit to Grand Cayman, she chatted up a storm both during and after her scheduled photographed meet-and-greets, ending up as everyone’s latest girl-crush.

Endearingly perky and upbeat, the mother of two exuded star quality, cementing her approval rating further by making sure that everyone who wanted a picture with her got in on the action.

No newcomer to the big screen, Hahn’s film credits include “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “The Visit” and “Revolutionary Road,” with “Captain Fantastic” also out now.

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