Healthcare's New Normal

Respiratory health

The lungs are an area of the body often overlooked until an issue arises, but we can promote and protect lung health by knowing what affects it on a day-to-day or long-term basis.

Q & A with Dr. John Lee

Dr. John Lee is the Chief Medical Officer for the Cayman Islands Government. He has played a pivotal role in guiding the country through the challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Conference focusses on the ‘new normal’

The annual Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference is being held this weekend as the community adjusts to the rapidly changing impacts of COVID-19.

Improve your health with meditation

Living in the time of a pandemic is stressful. The associated anxiety can negatively impact physical and psychological well-being and it is important to take some time to switch off.

Managing stress

Stress is a fact of modern life, but when it goes unmanaged, it can have a dramatic, damaging effect on body and mind.

Mental health in a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it heightened fear and stress due to the virus, as well as the isolation which can accompany strict social distancing.

Chronic illness and COVID-19

Those living with chronic illnesses are at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

Telemedicine: Healing at a distance

Telemedicine’s popularity has skyrocketed due to technological advances over the last 20 to 30 years, and most recently due to the necessities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Alden McLaughlin

An address from Premier Hon. Alden Mclaughlin

I welcome each of you to the 2020 Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference with the theme ‘Re-envisioning Life with a Pandemic’.

Welcome message Hon. Dwayne Seymour, Minister for Health, Environment, Culture & Housing

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 11th annual Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference.

The Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference 2020

The 11th annual Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference is being held virtually this year, over a single day, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cayman joins line-up for COVID-19 vaccines

Cayman is one of 150 countries that have signed up for the global COVAX facility which will allow for guaranteed, equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said on Tuesday.

Cayman healthcare officials discuss Ebola preparedness

Cayman’s healthcare professionals have met several times to assess Cayman’s preparedness for dealing with cases of Ebola, after the World Health Organization last month declared the recent outbreak of the deadly virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo a “public health emergency of international concern”.

Government will examine free childhood healthcare

The Legislative Assembly has unanimously approved a motion that directs the government to consider how it might provide free healthcare for Cayman’s children.


Today's editorial cartoon.

Iguanas, healthcare costs take toll on budget

Government has voted new funding of $1.9 million for a massive, islandwide iguana cull and $6.5 million to help cover the healthcare costs of uninsured patients.

Health premium-sharing plan stalls

No deal has been reached on a proposal to make Cayman Islands civil servants pay for a portion of their healthcare premiums, despite claims by the previous government administration that such a move would be imperative in balancing upcoming budgets.

2017 editorials: The Compass’s voice on significant issues

Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

EDITORIAL – The unhealthy condition of public healthcare

Without a radical course of treatment, the long-term outlook of Cayman’s public healthcare system, and by extension the country’s economy and residents’ quality of life, is at serious risk.

Opposition proposes committee to review healthcare

Not a single recommendation from the much-ballyhooed National Health Policy & Strategic Plan for the Cayman Islands 2012-2017 has been carried out over the last four years, according to Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller.

Rising healthcare costs: A burden for consumers, businesses and government

Some tough choices will have to be made, as either way healthcare is likely becoming more expensive. It is just a matter of how much more.

EDITORIAL – $1.7 billion health debt: The public sector crisis everyone saw coming

Hear that train whistle off in the distance? A $1.7 billion locomotive – representing the Cayman Islands government’s healthcare liability – is approaching, slowly but inexorably.

Cayman’s healthcare liability grows $500 million in two years

The future amount the Cayman Islands government estimates it will have to pay to provide retired workers and other citizens with healthcare coverage has grown by an estimated $500 million in two years.

Ghost of CarePay haunts collections

The lack of real-time electronic verification of and authorization for health insurance coverage in the Cayman Islands is driving up costs and “the frustration level” for everyone involved, lawmakers heard Monday afternoon.

Reboot healthcare in Cayman

Your Thursday editorial (“A radical Rx needed for Cayman healthcare”) about healthcare in the Cayman Islands raises an important issue. It appears that private health insurers provide cover for the generally healthy and the unhealthy or high risk are denied cover and are thrown back onto the government system.

Editorial – A radical Rx needed for Cayman healthcare

It’s a troubling sign for a healthcare system when the doctors are growing sick of it. That’s the current status of the business of healthcare in the Cayman Islands, according to the results of a survey by the Office of the Auditor General of local health professionals (nearly all of them physicians or dentists).

Doctors: ‘Overwhelming dissatisfaction’ with healthcare finances in Cayman

Cayman’s medical health professionals are “overwhelmingly” dissatisfied with the financial aspects of the healthcare system, and told auditors several areas need significant improvement. The results were reported in a survey of 101 medical professionals in Cayman.

Editorial – A ‘critical report’ on government and healthcare

Auditor General Sue Winspear, who succeeded former Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick in July 2016, has picked up right where her predecessor left off — providing evidence that the Cayman Islands government is simply incapable of running large enterprises.

Auditor General’s report: Health resources, information ‘inadequate’

The Cayman Islands government has neither the resources, nor the information available to properly manage an increasingly complex “hybrid” healthcare system for its resident population, Auditor General Sue Winspear concluded in a report made public Friday.

What we spend on healthcare

The Cayman Islands government funded about 51 percent of all health-related expenditures in the territory during its 2014/2015 budget, according to auditor general’s office data, while the other 49 percent was funded through private sector insurance coverage or out-of-pocket expenses.

Healthcare ‘Express’ coming to George Town

A new urgent care medical center is opening in George Town, seeking to fill a gap in healthcare coverage in the Cayman Islands. Doctors Express will be open extended hours and on weekends to provide care in non-emergency situations.

2017 last year for ‘free’ healthcare, says minister

Discussions on how much Cayman Islands civil servants must pay in monthly healthcare premiums will be completed by the end of the current government’s 18-month budget period in December 2017, Finance Minister Marco Archer said Thursday.

EDITORIAL – The health of healthcare in the Cayman Islands

If the Cayman Islands healthcare system were a patient, its medical case file would be a meter thick, containing a myriad of specialists’ assessments in regard to various disorders, illnesses and syndromes, payments to care providers, insurance rates, and government-mandated health insurance payroll deductions from all employers and employees.

Morici: Obamacare, our national nightmare

Even before the Affordable Care Act, federal and state governments were paying nearly half of the nation’s healthcare bills.

Free healthcare conference to focus on all stages of life

“The Chapter of a Healthy Life” is the theme of this year’s Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference scheduled for Oct. 20-22 at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

Pay up

Too healthy??

EDITORIAL – Cannabis oil – or political snake oil?

Premier Alden McLaughlin (who is an attorney) outlined the case against moving forward with the legalization of medical marijuana in the Cayman Islands. He then endorsed moving forward with the legalization of medical marijuana in the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL – Have a Heart: Giving the gift of life

It might turn out to be the Cayman Islands’ greatest contribution to the world. What could be more precious than life itself?

Past due

EDITORIAL – Turn for the worse: HSA’s accelerating unpaid debts

The estimated $90 million in bad debts for public healthcare says much — but not much good — about the state of these islands. Last...

Health coverage not mandated for employed spouses

Cayman Islands employers – including the government service – are not required by the local Health Insurance Law to provide healthcare coverage to employed spouses of island residents, Health Insurance Commissioner Mervyn Conolly said Saturday.

Healthcare costs skyrocketing, minister says

The Cayman Islands has 345 outstanding “loans” to residents who do not maintain healthcare coverage, with unpaid balances of $12.3 million owed to government.

EDITORIAL – Healthcare debts: The $1.18 billion must be accounted for

Sometimes, the bad news simply cannot be relegated to a footnote, but needs to be blared out in all capital letters, right across the top of the front page.

Health City pledges to support Adventist hospitals

Health City Cayman Islands has pledged to support regional Seventh-Day Adventists hospitals in a memorandum of understanding that was signed last month.

Cayman must save for $1.18 billion in health liabilities

To stay with business as usual (i.e. without massive tax increases), we would need to be setting aside $123 million each and every year to pay the estimated $1.18 billion in public healthcare liabilities.

Health debts not to be counted in budget

The Cayman Islands government intends to change its financial management law to avoid the formal acknowledgement of a $1.18 billion projected liability in its public healthcare system that would otherwise appear in the government’s annual “net worth” figure.

Government ‘double charged’ itself on healthcare payments

The Cayman Islands government has been “double charging” itself in relation to payments made on behalf of those who cannot afford healthcare coverage.

Blanket immunity

Health Services launches survey

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority is running a survey to gauge patients’ experiences using its services and the level of care they are receiving.

Free health screenings for World Health Day

Members of the public can avail themselves of free health screenings this week as part of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority’s observation of World Health Day.

Health City not barred from competing

Health City Cayman Islands local partner Gene Thompson said this week that the East End medical tourism facility is not competing with local health services “for the most part,” even though there is no specific prohibition against it.

EDITORIAL – Moving toward a healthcare policy of ‘doctors without borders’

It took years Health City to our shores; but now, it seems there are public officials who are doing their utmost to chase them away … in the name of (get this) “competition.”

Lyons: In the Land of the Falling Moms

In the Land of the Falling Moms, the difference between upright and upended is measured in inches, but the consequences are calculated in months.

Amendment seeks healthcare coverage for retired House Speakers

Proposed legislation made public this week seeks to provide healthcare coverage for retired Speakers of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly who were not elected as members of the House when they served in that position.

Budget load

Wadhwa: India’s free health clinics

Rupandeep Kaur, 20 weeks pregnant, arrived at a medical clinic looking fatigued and ready to collapse.

EDITORIAL – Opting out of public healthcare

It’s official: Not even the government wants to be locked into the government’s healthcare system.

Law allowing organ transplants keeps recipients waiting

Three years after the government passed a law legalizing the donation and transplantation of human tissue and organs, there is still no organ donor registry or tissue bank in the Cayman Islands.

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