Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cayman

Latest COVID tests return all negative results

For the second consecutive day after a locally transmitted case of COVID-19 was reported this week, Cayman has no new cases in the latest batch of results, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee said.

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Smartphone app could assess COVID risk status

A smartphone app that could allow users to ‘prove’ their COVID-status has been developed in the Cayman Islands.
Immigration & employment during the COVID-19 crisis

Home isolation board: No breaches in programme

The board overseeing the 29 participants in Cayman’s test run of its home isolation protocols confirmed on Sunday that there has been no breaches of the programme under its watch.

Home isolating passengers under 24/7 surveillance

Participants in Cayman's test run of its electronic monitoring and geofencing technology are being subjected to 24/7 monitoring and regular random check-ins, officials have confirmed.

‘Unauthorised’ arrival allowed to stay

Customs and Border Control on Friday reversed a decision to deport a passenger who arrived in Cayman without proper authorisation.

Cayman secures $330.4 million in emergency line of credit

The Cayman Islands government will have access to a line of credit up to $330.4 million to help deal with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Finance Minister Roy McTaggart announced today.

COVID update: One new case in latest results

The Cayman Islands has one new case of COVID-19, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee announced today.

COVID wristbands: How they’ve worked in Hong Kong

Smart wristbands connected to phone apps are the latest tools in the Cayman Islands government’s arsenal in protecting the islands against the spread of COVID-19. Hong Kong has been using them since April.

Gov’t: No need to apply for regional COVID funding

Government's strong financial position means the Cayman Islands does not need to apply for additional funding at this stage to deal with the economic fallout from COVID-19, the Finance Ministry said this week.

New regs make home-isolation breaches criminal offence

As government's pilot phase of testing its electronic monitoring of home-isolating passengers began Thursday, new regulations with criminal offences for breaches of the terms of quarantine have kicked in.

British Airways arrivals testing geofencing tech

Passengers who arrived on today's British Airways flight are the first test subjects in Cayman to trial geofencing technology and quarantine procedures in preparation for the phased border reopening on 1 Oct.

‘Resort bubbles’ proposed to help bring back tourists

The concept of ‘resort bubbles’ has been put forward as a possible solution that could allow tourists to return to the Cayman Islands despite...

Need to Know: Cayman tweaks plans for phased border reopening

The government has made some tweaks to the process for incoming travellers ahead of the the phased reopening of Cayman’s borders, scheduled to start on 1 Oct.

No positive cases in latest COVID results

Of the most recent 105 COVID-19 tests to be carried out, all have returned negative results, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.
Test kit for COVID-19

Cayman records one new positive case

Cayman's active COVID-19 cases increased by one Thursday, according to the latest results released by Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.

Woman with COVID-19 briefly released from quarantine, re-isolated

One of Cayman’s two latest COVID-19 cases was released from quarantine and later had to be recalled into isolation, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has confirmed.

Cabinet approves liquor licence fee waiver

Commerce Minister Joey Hew announced Cabinet has approved the waiver of liquor licensing fees in Grand Cayman that would have been due in September next year.

Government losing $25 million a month amid COVID crisis

The Cayman Islands Government is running a $25 million-a-month deficit as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Premier Alden McLaughlin said lost revenues and new...

2 new COVID cases, 14-day isolation still required for new arrivals

Cayman has two new positive cases of the coronavirus, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee said Wednesday afternoon.

Radiation on trial in Florida as COVID-19 treatment

Researchers in the United States are exploring the potential for a low-dose radiation treatment to alleviate symptoms in COVID-19 patients who develop pneumonia. Doctors are hopeful the treatment could work in an anti-inflammatory manner and reduce the need for mechanical ventilation.

Latest COVID tests return negative results

Of the 94 COVID-19 tests carried out since Tuesday, all have returned negative results, according to Medical Officer of Health Dr. Samuel Williams-Rodriguez.

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