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Traffic in George Town, Grand Cayman

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Premier: New local access road to relieve Red Bay traffic woes

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said agreement has been reached with Grand Harbour and Davenport Development for a local access road for the Red Bay and Prospect communities to ease traffic woes in the area.

Police vehicles involved in crash

The RCIPS Traffic and Roads Policing Unit launched an investigation Wednesday after two police vehicles were involved in a collision.

Interactive: From sewers and sub-sea cables to prisons and power generation

In a series of stories, journalist James Whittaker takes a look at how population growth affects every aspect of infrastructure in the Cayman Islands.

Destination 100,000: Will Cayman’s growth continue post COVID-19?

COVID-19 may have caused a dip in Cayman's population but the long-term trajectory of the island is one of exponential growth. In a special feature we look at the benefits and the challenges of such rapid growth and ask whether the upward curve will resume in the post COVID-19 world.

UPDATE: Shamrock Road reopens following crash

The eastbound lanes of Shamrock Road have been closed near the Hurley's roundabout following a traffic accident in the area.

Sinkhole appears on South Sound Road

A sinkhole has opened up on South Sound Road, in the vicinity of the Rugby Club grounds.
Commuters were stuck in jams for more than three hours between West Bay and George Town

Traffic gridlock as historic blaze closes highway

Traffic ground to a standstill Monday morning as the landfill fire caused the closure of a large section of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

The Great Rush Hour Race

Four commuters, four different modes of transport, two routes, one race. Car vs. bike, kayak vs. bus. To conclude our month-long series investigating causes of, and potential solutions to, the island’s traffic troubles, we wanted to challenge the assumption that the car is still the best way to travel in Cayman. So we put it to the test in a rush-hour race.

Electric rides help commuters dodge traffic

From electric scooters to one-wheel e-skateboards, new types of battery powered vehicles are helping a growing number of commuters dodge the traffic.
Health Cayman Cayman

Planning to improve traffic flow

As Cayman looks to update its Development Plan for the first time in more than two decades, managing traffic has moved up the list of priorities.

New app for bus passengers

A new smartphone app is making it possible for some passengers to check the location of their bus. Set up by a group of public transport drivers, the K-Bus app has been launched, initially with nine buses.

Bike-share business popular with tourists

Opposite the Westin hotel on West Bay Road, a couple unloads groceries and beach towels from the basket of a distinctive green-and-white bicycle.
Compass journalist James Whittaker unlocks a Zun vehicle at Camana Bay

The car that rents by the minute…

In the plush interior of the Arch Automotive showroom in Camana Bay, I push a button on my smartphone and a map lights up with four ‘Zun’ icons, indicating the location of available vehicles.
Rachel Smyth said the aim of Flex was to make hailing a ride easier, cheaper and swifter. The app is designed to bring transparency to prices and allow people to book and pay for a trip using their smartphones.

Flex close to liftoff, despite challenges

When two young Caymanian entrepreneurs set up transport app, Flex, their vision was to bring an Uber-style service to the Caribbean.

Stuck in traffic? There’s an app for that

At one of Cayman’s biggest businesses, the conversation about congestion is going beyond talk. Dart’s internal innovation unit, known as Dart Labs, is road testing solutions.

Developer aims to cut traffic by cutting journeys

Cayman’s traffic congestion woes are as much about where people live and work as they are about the number of cars they own.

Driving standards a ‘deep concern’

When asked about the driving standards in Cayman I always ask what the questioner personally believes. I have yet to receive a positive response. It is always one of deep concern.

Would Cayman ditch private cars for the bus?

Government is considering bigger buses and new routes as it seeks to improve public transport and encourage people to leave their cars behind, says Rosa Harris, chair of the Public Transport Board.

Almost 400 bus complaints in 2019

There were nearly 400 complaints filed with the Public Transport Board in 2019 – the vast majority of them concerning bus drivers who failed to follow their set routes.

Taxi fares more transparent, but still expensive

A local taxi fare app, CI:GO, now allows riders to calculate cab prices before they buckle up. The app, launched in August 2019, answered public...

Virtual highways: How smart data is shaping Cayman’s future road network

The National Roads Authority is using a new $50,000 traffic modelling software suite to test the impact of road projects in the virtual world before it starts pouring concrete. The simulator is helping make the case for a series of "quick win" projects at pinch points in and around George Town. Longer term it could be used to test the viability of everything from public transport to flyovers and causeways across the North Sound.

Road projects focus on quick wins

The National Roads Authority is focussing on five main projects over the next two years. With just over $40 million in the budget, engineers are already at work on what they believe will be ‘quick wins’ when it comes to cutting traffic congestion. Sophisticated software has been used to build the roads in the virtual world prior to construction to assess their likely impact.

A tale of two territories: How Bermuda deals with traffic

As policymakers in Cayman seek to find solutions to growing congestion on the roads, they could do worse than looking 1,300 miles to the north, to Bermuda.

Green groups urge caution on road building

Environmental groups are calling for sustainable solutions to Cayman’s traffic problems. Both the National Trust and Sustainable Cayman have cautioned against building new lanes and extending highways to deal with the problem.

‘Traffic a top business concern’

Lost time is lost money and Cayman's business sector is feeling the impact of all those hours wasted in traffic. The Compass talked to Chamber of Commerce CEO to get the group's verdict on the issue.

‘Airport transfers can take an hour’

Traffic is impacting more than just commuters, it is causing issues for tourists too. Cayman Islands Tourism Association president Theresa Leacock-Broderick talked to the Compass about the problem and some potential solutions.

One commuter’s experiment – tracking time lost to traffic

How much time does the average Cayman commuter waste in traffic? It’s a question many of us have plenty of time to ponder on the long, slow drive into George Town. Compass journalist James Whittaker tracked his own commute as part of an experiment to see how we might rank globally in terms of time lost in traffic.

Innovation could change the way we move

Columnist Graham Morse imagines how embracing cutting edge technology could change the way we move.

Five ways the world fights traffic congestion

Five approaches that have been tried around the world and how they fared.

Cayman needs more roads

The problem of too many cars and traffic-congested roads in Grand Cayman will not be solved by curtailing auto imports into the country, writes Nan Socolow.

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