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Cost of private migrant housing on par with prison detention

The cost of housing Cuban asylum applicants in private housing has been comparable to the cost of holding migrants in detention at a Prison Service facility, according to records released by Customs and Border Control through a Freedom of Information request.

Prison Service moves to upgrade CCTV system

The Prison Service is seeking bidders to supply, install and maintain a digital CCTV system in Cayman’s prisons.

Cuban migrants move to East End civic centre

Cuban asylum applicants previously detained in a Prison Service facility in George Town will now await their process in East End under a supervised release programme.

Cuban asylum seekers not invited to attend appeals hearings

Cubans asylum applicants detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre received notices recently from the Department of Immigration that they are not to attend their own appeals hearings, unless invited to do so.

Cuban hunger strike ends

After more than three weeks, a hunger strike at the Immigration Detention Centre has come to an end, according to government.
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UK experts advise on new Refugee Protection Appeals Tribunal

The Governor’s Office provided insight into how collaboration between the Cayman Islands government and the United Kingdom could reshape the jurisdiction’s management of asylum and refugee cases.

Prisoners transferred to Immigration Detention Centre

Four male prisoners were transferred on Sunday to George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre at Fairbanks, a low-security facility that houses male and female migrants who have requested asylum in the Cayman Islands.

Cuban woman alleges sexual harassment at detention center

A sexual harassment complaint from a Cuban woman brought police to the Immigration Detention Centre on Friday. The woman alleges that a prison officer has harassed her and made unwanted sexual advances.

Second Cuban hunger striker sent to hospital

As a hunger strike at George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre completed its second week, a second asylum applicant was sent to the hospital.

Cuban on hunger strike sent to hospital

Three Cubans detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre continued to refuse food Monday, bringing their hunger struck into its seventh day.

Government responds to Cuban migrant protest

Government released a statement on Wednesday night in response to a hunger strike launched Tuesday by eight Cuban migrants at the Immigration Detention Centre.

Detained Cubans announce second hunger strike in year

Seven Cuban men and one woman held at the Immigration Detention Centre are launching a hunger strike in protest of how government is handling their asylum applications, according to a Cuban migrant familiar with the situation.

Cuban migrants protest treatment

A group of Cuban migrants who arrived here in September are protesting what they say are human rights violations by government.
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Cuban migrant vessel lands in Cayman Brac

Nine Cubans who landed in Cayman Brac on Saturday have chosen to stay in the Cayman Islands and will likely apply for asylum.

Cuban migrants transferred from Brac to detention center

The 11 Cuban migrants who were found off the shores of Cayman Brac last week are now being held at the Immigration Detention Centre, government announced on Friday.

Vessel carrying 11 Cuban migrants lands in the Brac

The Immigration Department announced on Friday that 11 Cuban migrants are in the care of its Cayman Brac officers after being spotted near the Brac around 10 a.m. that morning.

New government board to monitor prisons

The Cayman Islands is establishing a new monitoring system for its prisons that will include citizens making site visits to local jails and detention centers.

Costs soar at Immigration Detention Centre

The cost of running the Immigration Detention Centre increased roughly nine-fold over a 6.5-year period, from around $278,000 in 2011 and 2012 to nearly $2.5 million last year.

Another Cuban migrant released from detention center

Government has confirmed that one more Cuban migrant was released from the Immigration Detention Centre on Friday, bringing the total number of migrants on supervised release to six.

Prison inmates’ move to migrant center on hold

Although it was proposed as a way to relieve stress on Cayman’s overcrowded prisons system, it appears inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison, Northward will not be moving to new housing at the Immigration Detention Centre facility for at least a few months.

Filthy conditions discovered at immigrant center

Rotten food with maggot infestation, dirty and stopped-up toilets, moldy or damaged showers and inadequate fire prevention systems were found during an inspection of the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town last week by members of the Human Rights Commission.

3 Cuban migrants released from detention center

Three Cuban migrants were released from the Immigration Detention Centre on Friday, and will be allowed to live in the Cayman community while their applications for asylum are being processed.

Immigration reviewing detention of Cuban migrants

The Department of Immigration is “reviewing alternatives” to keeping the 13 asylum-seeking Cuban migrants detained at the Immigration Detention Centre while their asylum applications are being processed, the department stated on Wednesday.

Government remains quiet as migrant hunger strike enters 10th day

Nine Cuban men detained at George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre entered their 10th day of hunger strike Tuesday – abstaining from food, water and bathing – without a visit thus far from government or a doctor, according to the migrant asylum seekers.

Packed prisons seek full-time manager

Three packed public jail facilities and a newly announced migrant-detention center/remand lock-up will await Cayman’s new full-time director of prisons. Job listings for the prisons boss position went out this week, offering between $100,000 and $122,124 per year for someone with a four-year degree in criminology or related fields.

Cuban migrants launch hunger strike at detention center

Nine Cubans held in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre launched a hunger strike Sunday, hastening a regional media outreach campaign seeking to reveal what the detainees describe as human rights abuses by the Cayman Islands government.

Prisoners head to immigration detention as packed jails hit limit

An unspecified number of men being held at Her Majesty’s Prison, Northward will be transferred to the Immigration Detention Centre, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced Tuesday.

Another overstayer jailed

Magistrate Valdis Foldats sentenced another overstayer to eight months imprisonment last week, citing harm to the country’s economy.

Cuban detainee granted asylum after nearly 2 years

A Cuban man detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre for nearly two years has been granted asylum and released to temporary government housing in Grand Cayman.

Cuban migrant granted asylum after year-long detention

A Cuban migrant detained in the Cayman Islands since December 2016 was granted asylum Wednesday by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, concluding a year-long legal battle in Cayman’s legal system.

EDITORIAL – Cuban migration: Cayman’s conundrum

At its most basic, Cayman’s Cuban migrant problem is this: Our tiny territory does not have the resources, population or infrastructure to accommodate hundreds of political refugees.

Cuban migrant escapee sentenced to 3 months imprisonment

A Cuban migrant who escaped the Immigration Detention Centre to bring what he called human rights violations there to the public’s attention was sentenced to three months imprisonment by Magistrate Valdis Foldats on Thursday.

Five migrants sent home, 55 still on island

Five Cuban migrants being held at the George Town Immigration Detention Centre were sent back home this week. The three women and two men brought the total number of repatriated migrants sent back from Cayman this year to 94, according to the Department of Immigration.

Ministry investigates prisons overtime payments

The Cayman Islands Ministry of Home Affairs is investigating overtime payments to prisons officers working at the Immigration Detention Centre after allegations of favoritism were made regarding some of those payments.

Gov’t responds to migrant processing concerns

Cayman has refuted statements by Cuban detainees who say their asylum petitions have been subject to excessive delays. A statement from the government , however, does not specify processing times or confirm whether there are migrants who have been held in detention for six months to a year or longer.

39 Cuban migrants repatriated to Havana

Thirty-nine Cuban migrants, 35 males and four females, were repatriated to Havana, Cuba, on Thursday. Officers from Customs, Prison and RCIPS assisted the Department of Immigration with the repatriation, the Department of Immigration said in a press release.

Six Cubans repatriated

The Cayman Islands Department of Immigration repatriated six Cuban migrants, three males and three females to Havana, Cuba, on Monday, according to a government statement.

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