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Star gazers invited to view Hubble double pass

The Cayman Islands. Astronomical Society will host an evening of sky-watching on Thursday, 9 Sept., when the Hubble Space Telescope will pass over Cayman twice within about two hours.

Lunar eclipse wows skygazers

Early-morning risers turned their eyes skywards today to watch a total lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse visible in Cayman early Wednesday morning

Early risers may have a chance to see a 'super blood moon' eclipse in the early hours of Wednesday morning, 26 May.

Stargazing on Seven Mile Beach

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society is inviting members of the public to view the moon, planets and stars through its telescopes on Seven Mile Beach on Sunday.

All eyes on planetary ‘Christmas Star’ at Pedro St. James

Eyes were aimed skyward in the early hours of Monday evening as the 'Great Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn, known to some as the 'Christmas star', came into view.

Jupiter and Saturn to appear closest for centuries on 21 Dec.

On Monday, 21 Dec., Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in the night sky than they have since the 1600s.

Astronomical Society invites public to evening of stargazing

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society is inviting members of the public to come along to an evening of stargazing from 7pm on Thursday, 19 Nov. at Pedro St. James.

Satellite linked to Brac rocket debris visible in pre-dawn sky

Last month, just off the coast of Cayman Brac, fishermen discovered debris from a Russian rocket. Early Wednesday morning, stargazers may get a glimpse of a satellite launched from that same rocket.

Mercury’s transit visible this Monday

This Monday locals will be able to view Mercury making its way across the face of the sun this Monday.

Telescopes focus on Cayman for astronomy conference

The late Dr. Bill Hrudey would have been proud to see Cayman’s first astronomy conference being held in his name next week.

Bill Hrudey, Cayman’s renowned solar astronomer, dies at 76

The Cayman Islands has lost one of its greatest and most dedicated advocates for the sciences. An astronomer, builder, surgeon and visionary, Dr. Bill Hrudey, 76, died Thursday evening, following a brief, incapacitating battle with cancer.

Cayman sky-gazers chase Great American Eclipse

Eclipse chasers from Cayman traveled through Missouri and Illinois searching for clear skies to view Monday’s eclipse. Cayman Islands Astronomical Society members Karen Perkins and Petro Kotze joined the Society’s former president Chris Cooke and his family, who traveled from the U.K., and three astronomers from Trinidad and Tobago to watch the solar phenomenon.

Cayman to see 55 percent of solar eclipse

On Monday, Aug. 21, millions of people across America will turn their eyes toward the sun to experience a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience – a total solar eclipse. Although Cayman is not in the path of the full eclipse, a partial one will be visible from here. In Cayman, viewers will be able to see the moon block out 55 percent of the sun.

A journey to see the Great American Solar Eclipse

Much has already been said in the U.S. media about the total solar eclipse happening on Aug. 21 this year, and much more, I’m sure, will be said as we get closer to the day. It is estimated that 12.2 million people will have the opportunity to see the event from their house or place of work, and 88 million people are within a day’s driving distance.

This year’s most prolific meteor shower approaches

his weekend, the night sky will offer a spectacular display during what is considered the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.

Astronomical Society meets at Pedro on Sunday

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society has its regular monthly meeting on Sunday, Aug. 7, at Pedro Castle, starting at 7 p.m. The public is welcome.

Astronomy events spark interest in the heavens

With the skies cooperating, the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society’s visit to the Brac last week proved a big draw for curious stargazers.

Telescope donation gives youngsters a taste of outer space

Several schools across the Cayman Islands now have an exciting new stargazing tool on hand thanks to the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society.

Astronomical Society meets next week

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society will hold its next regularly scheduled monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. May 11 at Pedro St. James.

A chance to watch the transit of Mercury

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society and the University College of the Cayman Islands are joining forces to offer a glimpse of a rare astronomical event.

(PHOTOS) Red Sky at Night

Hundreds turned out for the Red Sky at Night arts and music festival at the Harquail Theatre on Saturday night.

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