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Report backs civil service co-pays, CINICO expansion

Civil servants and private sector workers would both pay more for healthcare if government adopts certain recommendations from a consultant report.

EY report: Gov’t should sell assets, outsource services

The potential sale of $65 million worth of government land and the outsourcing of all public sector medical operations were among the recommendations made for the short-to-medium term in a government consultant’s report released Tuesday afternoon.

Canover Watson released on bail

Canover Watson, former chairman of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority board and prominent Caymanian businessman, was released on bail Thursday evening.

Air ambulance service takes flight

The first Cayman-based air ambulance service will start evacuating patients as early as next month.

Haines cash boost

Derek Haines is enjoying contributions to his $1 million Cayman HospiceCare Challenge since running the San Francisco Marathon Sunday.

Private ambulance seeks to bolster HSA service

A new ambulance may soon be responding to emergencies in Grand Cayman if an agreement is reached between the Health Services Authority board and a private air ambulance company.

CarePay contract under review

Government may deep-six the current contract for health services patient CarePay swipe cards.

CINICO announces payment changes

Individuals applying for CINICO’s Standard Health Insurance Contract are now required to pay two months of premiums up front, CINICO has announced.

Gov’t ministries, CINICO probe CarePay debacle

CINICO managers and board members are expected to meet with two government ministries Wednesday over burgeoning concerns surrounding the current contract for the public hospital’s “swipe card” system, known as CarePay, and the Jamaica-based company that operates it.

Minister: Hospital CarePay system failed to collect

A number of daunting problems are facing the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority as the public health agency tries to collect on massive unpaid patient bills, Health Minister Osbourne Bodden told the Legislative Assembly Thursday.

Concerns over HSA CAREPAY contract

The public health system's credit card billing contract comes under scrutiny by lawmakers.

CINICO hosts two successive 5k runs

CINICO is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Cayman and a wide cross-section is included in the celebrations.

$70 million more: Put it on the tab

How can Cayman's Health Services Authority be owed $70 million in unpaid bills, when more than 90 percent of the population of 55,000 has health insurance?

CINICO to open branch on Brac

Cayman Islands National Insurance Company will open a new branch in Cayman Brac this month.

Manderson’s run boosts Haines

Running road races in the blazing heat is not something the deputy governor Franz Manderson was known for a few years ago, but since adopting a healthier fitness and diet regime the pounds have dropped off and to encourage others he has gone as far as organizing his own event.

Cayman's cutting-edge medical technology: Far beyond scalpels

A pair of stories recently gave us cause to muse on the possibilities for this country in a world of rapidly accelerating technologies.

Air ambulance to take flight

The pilot behind a new Cayman-based air ambulance service believes the business will be ready for take off by July.

Cayman therapists trained in early autism intervention

A new early intervention service for children with autism and developmental delays is now available in Grand Cayman.

Cayman patients could be referred to Health City

Cayman Islands patients needing heart surgery could soon be referred to Health City instead of overseas facilities, officials have confirmed.

CINICO renews contract with heart institute

CINICO has renewed its contract with St. Luke's to provide heart care for residents of the Cayman Islands.

More have health insurance, but costs rise

More Cayman residents have improved health care coverage, but it has come at a cost.

Editorial for 6 August: CINICO may need CPR

A pair of unflattering stories about the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company hit the front page of our newspaper in the last few days.

Editorial for 5 August: FOI law: Let the sun shine in

The government’s insurance company, CINICO, got quite a slapping from the Cayman Islands Information Commissioner last week in her latest decision.

Information commissioner slams government insurer

An "appalling" response to an open records request gets CINICO hauled into the information commissioner's office.

American contractor sues CINICO

A US contractor is suing CINICO, claiming breach of contract.

Cayman health chiefs respond to air ambulance concerns

Public health bosses this week attempted to play down the significance of concerns expressed by the auditor general over the process for flying seriously ill patients overseas for medical care.

Pilot claims air ambulance venture is ready to launch

A Cayman Airways pilot is in discussions with health chiefs over his bid to establish the territory’s first on-island air ambulance service.

Air ambulance issues well known to government

Problems with the management of air ambulance services in the Cayman Islands were identified almost a decade ago, according to the former head of the Health Services Authority.

Editorial for 02 July: Clear the air on emergency services

It’s the one flight no one wants to take. Being airlifted off our islands for a medical emergency in an air ambulance is fraught with anxiety, uncertainty and considerable expense.

Air ambulance management causes concerns

Concern has been raised over mismanagement of air ambulance services to fly seriously ill patients overseas for medical treatment.

Four-month budget set at
$194 million

At Wednesday's inaugural post-election Legislative Assembly meeting, Minister for Finance Marco Archer not only declared the end of unemployment, but detailed an interim budget of nearly $194 million through 31 October.

CINICO: Final chance to get CarePay

From 1 July, the Health Services Authority will no longer accept non-emergency CINICO patients if they show up without their CarePay cards.

Questions are raised in gov’t financial records disclosure

Government financial records are for all, not just the select few the information commissioner rules.

HR heads educated in new health insurance rules

Insurance Commissioner Mervyn Conolly have human resources managers insight into the new health insurance law and regulations.

Civil servants hold talks

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association members discuss the future.

CINICO board jobs reshuffled

The men filling the top two jobs at Cayman Islands National Insurance Company have swapped jobs, with Seamus Tivnan taking over Scott Cummings' role as chairman of the board.

Finding health strategies that work for Cayman

This year saw the launch of a five-year national health policy and strategic plan for the Cayman Islands which aims to help provide affordable healthcare in the wake of the rising prevalence of diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Sharon Roulstone running in GT

Sharon Roulstone announces her candidacy in George Town.

Maintenance work knocks out government websites

Online visitors to many of the Cayman Islands Government’s websites found them inaccessible Wednesday morning.

Patients: Waiting times too long

A survey of Cayman Islands National Insurance Company customers show the majority of respondents felt the waiting times at the Cayman Islands Hospital’s accident and emergency department and for outpatient services are not acceptable.

January Pedro Castle drowning

The main stories from Janaury 2012

New standard health insurance plan to be implemented by March

A new standard health insurance plan will come into effect on 1 March next year, after legislators voted in favour of passing amendments to the Health Insurance Law and associated regulations last week.

Area groups issue statements on expat payroll tax

Area groups have spoken out about the proposed payroll tax for expats in the Cayman Islands.

HSA Clinics

There are four clinics available at the Cayman Island Hospital; eye clinic, GT Dental clinic, Merren Dental clinic and Specialist clinic.

New payment system in place

The Health Services Authority this year introduced an innovative new bililng and insurance adjudication system which will help eliminate bad debts incurred through insurance denials and patients failing to pay.

Civil servants hit out at cutbacks

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association is calling on the government to release information showing exactly how much revenue will be realised from the proposed contributions by civil servants towards healthcare and pensions.

Bush: Civil servants will pay for healthcare

Government's proposed budget cuts may prove unpopular with civil servants.

Premier’s Budget Statement

The Premier presents his statement on the budget for the Cayman Islands

Health authority celebrates 10th anniversary

A message from Minister of Health Mark Scotland on the 10th anniversary of the Health Services Authority.

CINICO extends satisfaction survey

The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company is extending its online customer satisfaction survey.

Junior Achievement sets up success

Two star Junior Achievement alumni, Dr Ruth Pomares and Christoph Barnett, have seen their careers take off in no small part thanks to their time spent on this vital initiative.

CINICO surveys members about their satisfaction

The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company began an online survey of its members this week to determine its members' satisfaction levels.

Overseas medical expenses ‘not effectively managed’

An audit reveals a scattered operation that paid $29 million a year for Cayman's overseas medical expenses.

$500k spent on private lot paving

The Cayman Islands spent an estimated $521,090 on paving private business or church parking lots in Cayman Brac between 2010 and 2011, according information compiled by the auditor general’s office

Billing system could save HSA millions

A new billing and insurance verification system introduced at the Cayman Islands Hospital could save the Health Services Authority $30-40 million over the next decade, according to health officials.

Home health benefits clarified by company

CINICO has issued a statement to clarify to its members the benefits of its Home Health Care system.

Insurance companies sponsor health survey

Several insurance companies have signed up to sponsor Health National 2012, Cayman's first health risk factor survey.

Sign-up process launched at hospital

Expect slight delays at the hospital as a new registration process for CINICO members is implemented.

Health risk survey to be held this month

Sixty survey-takers will visit more than 2,000 homes in Cayman this month as part of study to determine the risks that lead people in Cayman to develop diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions.

Extra $5 million needed for overseas health care

The government has approved an additional $5 million to pay for overseas medical care for Cayman's indigents, seafarers and veterans.

Medical director leaving post at health services

The Health Services Authority is not renewing the contract of its medical director Dr. Greg Hoeksema.

Gov’t owes millions to CINICO

The government owed more than $11.7 million to the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company as of last month.

Cayman may get its own air ambulance

The Ministry of Health is working towards getting local health insurers to band together to use a single Cayman-based air ambulance service.

Mayo Clinic takes on Cayman’s overseas patient care

The case management arm of the US-based Mayo Clinic has signed a contract with the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company to manage overseas care of patients.

Appleyard on conference circuit

Former CINICO chief Carole Appleyard and her new company have been appearing on agenda of heatlhcare conference in the region.

Compass Point – Healthcare: Finding healthcare examples to follow

Health officials listened to a wide variety of approaches to healthcare during a health conference in Cayman.

Data the key to revamping healthcare

Revamping Cayman's healthcare system to make it more affordable while maintaining or improving quality lies in ensuring data about patients and their outcomes are understood and analysed.

Compass Point – Healthcare: Gov’t spends $93 million per year on local health care

The Cayman Islands Government spends more than $93 million per year to provide health care services locally, and also to pay for health care for specific segments of the population.

Compass Point – Healthcare: The myth of free health care

For many in Cayman, free healthcare has become an expectation, one that stands in the way of a long-term, sustainable health system.

The patient always comes first

Always focused on the goal of becoming a medical centre of excellence, the Health Services Authority recently took several notable steps to keep it at the forefront of modern health care delivery.

Health under microscope

The second annual National Health Care 20/20 Conference will be held 17-19 November, at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman focusing on the crucial issue of “Health Care Economics: The Search for Quality and Affordability”.

Governor provided with health card

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor is provided with CINICO’s first CarePay new national health card for the Cayman Islands by CINICO CEO Lonny Tibbetts.

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