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Hurricane Ivan still haunts survivors

A look back at the impact of Hurricane Ivan, 16 years after it devastated Grand Cayman.

Lunds unveil plans for healing domes

A unique ‘healing resort’ featuring dome-shaped bungalows on the site of the hurricane-hit Mariners Cove complex in Grand Cayman is aiming to open by December 2020, according to the developer.

EDITORIAL – ‘After Ivan’: Reflections on an anniversary

For the portion of our population who were not present when the hurricane hit, it is somewhat difficult to express (but nearly impossible to overstate) the impact that Ivan had on the physical landscape and societal fabric of this country.

Rainy weather soaks Cayman

As the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Ivan arrives, Cayman and its Caribbean neighbors are eying three hurricanes – Florence, Isaac and Helene – that are moving through the Atlantic.

East End’s Survivors Road named as a reminder of Hurricane Ivan

The residents of what is now known as Survivors Road, off East End’s John McLean Drive, had reason to be thankful following 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

BVI still reeling from 2017 hurricane season

Irma’s damage proving to be worse than Ivan’s

Turning Cayman’s sea scenes and sunsets into works of art

A dive instructor, businessman, teacher and underwater photographer-turned-painter is creating waves on canvas, inspired by his fascination with the sea.

Bovell: Catastrophic hurricanes bring stark reminders of 2004’s Ivan

In light of the recent Category 5 hurricanes the Caribbean has had to endure, 13 years to the day since the Cayman Islands suffered at the hands of its own worst hurricane in living memory, Hurricane Ivan, I thought it would be useful to take a look at what we have learned from our experiences and, more worryingly, what we have not learned.

Old Hyatt going down in flames

Firefighters battled for more than an hour Tuesday evening to extinguish a blaze on the upper floor of the derelict Hyatt hotel. Thick black smoke could be seen pouring from the roof of the building and across the skyline.

Hazard Management chief receives award

Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director McCleary Frederick was named the first international recipient of the Governor’s Hurricane Conference Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to disaster preparedness and recovery.

‘We have to be ready’: Storm trackers prepare for hurricane season

Storm trackers flew into Grand Cayman on Tuesday on their public awareness tour ahead of the Caribbean’s hurricane season.

St. Patrick’s Irish Jog turns 25

The much-loved St. Patrick’s Day 5k Irish Jog turns 25 this year! Started as part of Butterfield’s 25th Anniversary celebrations in 1993, the Jog has grown each year to raise more funds for the islands’ most deserving charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Cayman art therapist promotes creative alternative for wellness

For artist Anne-Marie Diaz and her family, 2004’s Hurricane Ivan ravaged not only their home but their sense of safety and understanding of life in the Cayman Islands. She witnessed her brother, who has Down Syndrome, fall silent, unable to describe the pain and terror of his experience.

In memory of Hurricane Ivan

Before Hurricane Ivan, I can recall those wonderful times when we had no such thing as a “hurricane season.”

Peak storm season approaches a day before Ivan anniversary

They call it the “season within the season” – the eight weeks from Aug. 22 that is considered “the most active and dangerous time” for tropical storms, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

EDITORIAL – The lasting legacy of ‘Ivan the Terrible’

Just as Western history is divided into two grand epochs — B.C. and A.D. — Cayman’s modern history is also bifurcated — “before Ivan” and “after Ivan.”

Police: Mobile homes abandoned ‘for years’

Two mobile homes that police said had been abandoned for at least two years burned in a fire in North Side district late last week.

UK releases two decades of governors’ restricted memos

Revealing everything from local and international political intrigue, to “white elephant” projects, to a general preference toward the sport of cricket over baseball, annual reports sent by Cayman Islands governors to Britain between 1987 and 2005 have been released by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

One family’s battle with foreclosure

Emily Seymour, 67, surveys the scene from the front porch of the home she has owned for 30 years.

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