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12 arrested for gambling

Police arrest 12 people in relation to illegal gambling after executing a search warrant at a bar in George Town.

MLA Bryan pushing for voter survey

Member of the Legislative Assembly Kenneth Bryan said during a press conference on Thursday that the upcoming cruise port referendum is a unique opportunity for gauging public opinion on other topics. 

3 fined for selling lottery tickets

Three people were fined $300 each on Tuesday for selling lottery tickets.

Police make gambling, drug arrests

Officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and Customs and Border Control arrested four people Friday after receiving a tip about illegal gambling and drug activities.

Cayman Brac sees spate of arrests

Police say five people were arrested on Cayman Brac during this year’s Braccanal Carnival celebration, 17-20 May.

Trio pleads guilty to selling lottery tickets

Three people pleaded guilty to selling lottery tickets Thursday stemming from an incident in October.

Man pleads guilty to lottery offences

Abijah Uhuru Ramoon pleaded guilty to a number of offences on Thursday including separate instances of selling lottery tickets and taking part in a public lottery. Ramoon, who has a separate matter awaiting sentencing in Summary Court, pleaded guilty Thursday to cases that date back to May 2018.

Two men arrested for drugs, gambling

Police officers arrested two Bodden Town men on Tuesday for offenses involving ganja and gambling.

Drug, gambling arrests made in eastern districts

Police made a number of arrests in relation to drug and gambling offenses in the eastern districts over the weekend.

8 arrested in gambling raid

Police arrested eight people on suspicion of illegal gambling and seized more than $3,000 in cash Friday.

EDITORIAL – Examining the Gambling Law: By the ‘numbers’

With our lockups bursting at the seams and court dockets crammed to the point of paralysis, the stated intention of lawmakers to toughen penalties for illegal (yet ubiquitous) gambling calls for careful scrutiny.

Letter: Legalize numbers games

All progressive countries in the world have national lotteries, or some form of chance to improve one’s lot in life through scratch cards or buying numbers.

Legislation aims to increase penalties for gambling

Lawmakers are set to consider major increases to penalties for running or participating in illegal gambling in the next Legislative Assembly meeting.

Six arrested in illegal gambling raid

Police arrested six people on suspicion of illegal gambling following a search of a location on School House Road on Saturday.

Woman arrested for gambling offenses

Police arrested a 49-year-old woman on suspicion of gambling offenses Tuesday.

Woman arrested for illegal gambling

Police arrested a woman for illegal gambling following a raid on an Eastern Avenue restaurant in George Town on Tuesday.

Man arrested in Bodden Town beach crackdown

A man was arrested on suspicion of gambling and money laundering during a police operation at Bodden Town’s Coe Wood Beach Saturday night.

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