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Premier foreshadows more immigration changes

Although his annual speech to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Thursday was short on specifics, Premier Alden McLaughlin said further “radical” changes to local immigration and labor policies would be forthcoming during his national unity government’s term in office.

Letter: Everyone plays a part in waste disposal

Whilst fingers point to local government, accusing it of not doing enough, surely everyone, including tourists, should be playing their part in disposing of waste responsibly.

Landfill to close early on Friday

The Department of Environmental Health and the George Town landfill will close at 11 a.m. on Friday to facilitate a staff function, according to a department advisory.

EDITORIAL – ‘Trash talk’ from our local legislators

“Cash-for-trash” has a certain ring to it but, frankly, we don’t think it adds up to wise public policy.

Budget targets crime, education

Plans for an influx of 75 new police officers, a $9.6 million cash injection for education and funding for a series of major infrastructure projects were among the key commitments announced in the Cayman Islands government’s budget presentation Friday.


Today's editorial cartoon

Dump gone

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Mount Trashmore: Good news, goodbye and good riddance!

After years of anxiety (and for this newspaper, reporting and editorializing) over what the Cayman Islands is going to do about the hulking health hazard known as the George Town landfill, residents can finally rest easy: The government has reached an agreement with the Dart Group.

Dart chosen to build new waste management facility

A consortium of companies led by Dart Enterprises is in line to take over responsibility for waste management in the Cayman Islands in a 25-year deal that will involve the closure and capping of the existing George Town landfill.

EDITORIAL – The difference between statistics and the truth

It is said that numbers don’t lie, but they certainly can equivocate. We were reminded of that last week by two stories that appeared in the Compass, one about the George Town Landfill and one about unemployment figures.

George Town landfill reopens

The George Town landfill reopened this weekend, after its access road was closed following heavy rains last week. The Department of Environmental Health advised that the landfill had reopened on Saturday.

Rain closes George Town landfill

The George Town landfill is scheduled to be closed through Saturday because of repairs to the main access road.

Landfill fire problem extinguished

The periodic fires that have plagued the George Town Landfill site for years appear to have been brought under control.

Old news

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EDITORIAL – What should Cayman do about Jackson Point?

We don’t know (but rest assured, we are looking into) the magnitude of the disaster that could have occurred if firefighters had not been able to control Sunday’s blaze.

EDITORIAL – Reviewing the campaign and the candidates

The choices that voters make on Wednesday will have substantial consequences for the country and its inhabitants for the next four years and beyond. The campaign may be thought of as a sort of game. The election, on the other hand, is unmistakably real.

George Town Landfill: A growing monument to governments’ inaction

The issue is a long-standing toxic eyesore that dominates Grand Cayman’s landscape, presents an odorous nuisance for neighbors and poses a potential health threat to the Cayman Islands public. The George Town Landfill has been a fixture on the political calendar for decades but became a headline-grabbing topic during the United Democratic Party’s 2009-2012 administration.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: A political issue that continues to burn

On the 2013 campaign trail, the Progressives had assured voters they possessed a “non-Dart, non-Bodden Town” solution to address decades of governmental inaction on the George Town landfill. As we now know, there was no solution; there was no plan.
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Candidates clash over work permits, education at debate

Five candidates discussed work permits, employment and education, among other topics, at another in a series of national debates Monday night at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Camana Bay.

Auditors: George Town Landfill worth less than $0

The government cannot quantify how great a financial loss it will incur to remediate the George Town landfill, if and when such a project is completed, and the lack of any cost estimates has led auditors to conclude the territory’s environmental liabilities are “understated.”

Tire shredding begins at George Town Landfill

Work began Tuesday at the George Town Landfill to shred and recycle half a million tires that have been stockpiled at the site for more than a decade. The processing effort is expected to take around a year, Premier Alden McLaughlin said.

Family of missing landfill worker sues government

The sister of a George Town landfill worker who disappeared on Jan. 27, 2011 has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the missing woman’s estate and her five children. The writ, filed on Jan. 26, six years since 37-year-old Anna Evans was last seen alive at the landfill, is brought by Noreen Dixon against the government Department of Environmental Health.

EDITORIAL – Youth center on hold: Saving face after the ‘about-face’

We prefer our lawmakers to be serious and stalwart individuals — determination in their demeanors, steel in their eyes and spines. Squishiness is better left to invertebrates (polyps, anemones or jellyfish), which drift this way and that with the currents, tides and trends.

George Town landfill: Government sets target for dump bid

Having acknowledged the cruise pier contract will not happen before the election, the Progressives government remains confident it will have a deal in place for its other major infrastructure priority – the George Town landfill.

EDITORIAL — Year in review

Today we are featuring excerpts from some of the most interesting, compelling and entertaining editorials that have appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2016, on some of the most important issues facing our country.

Seasonal workers clean up landfill

A team of workers from the National Community Enhancement Project, known as NiCE, is helping to clean up the George Town landfill.

Gov’t focus on price led to bad scrap metal contract

A botched 2013 contract to clean up scrap metal at the George Town Landfill focused too much on price instead of the ability to do the job, according to a new report from the Office of the Auditor General.

Nearly 600 get Christmas cleanup work

About 22 percent fewer people have been registered for the Cayman Islands government’s Christmas cleanup program this holiday season compared to the 2015 cleanup effort.

Cabinet approves sending landfill plan out for bids

Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new plan for the George Town landfill, including a waste-to-energy plant to incinerate waste. The new waste management strategy calls for capping the landfill, creating a new recycling facility on the site and reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill by 95 percent.

EDITORIAL – Premier McLaughlin muddies the waters of ‘Alden Pond’

On Thursday, Premier Alden McLaughlin purported to “correct” a Cayman Compass editorial that stated his Progressives government had squandered an opportunity to obtain land adjoining Smith Cove from the Dart Group. Premier McLaughlin then proceeded to lay out, in detail, how accurate the Compass’s observations were.

EDITORIAL – Land mines in the latest landfill report

The overarching theme to be gleaned from the newest solid waste management report is that the Cayman Islands government is in love with recycling — particularly, vast sections of previous reports.

Report urges $538 million public-private effort on landfill

Declaring that existing waste-management systems are unsustainable, a 201-page draft consultant’s report on the George Town landfill on Monday recommends a $538 million, 25-year public-private partnership to reduce, reuse and recycle.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: Another report … another editorial

We don’t want another report. We want a new landfill.


Landfill update: ‘We now have equipment that works’

Operations at the landfill have improved, preventing fires and making the area safer, the director of Environmental Health told the Finance Committee in Legislative Assembly last week.

Do something about the dump

Comments from CaymanCompass.com readers

Landfill fix

EDITORIAL – On the landfill: No plan, no timetable – and no money

There it is, at last, the white flag of surrender. The treacherous Mount Trashmore has claimed victory over yet another Cayman Islands government administration.

Dump Idea

Environmental fund to help pay for tire removal

More than $1 million will be pulled from the government’s Environmental Protection Fund to help pay for removing a mountain of used tires at the George Town Landfill.

EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ unfinished business

The clock is ticking on the Progressives administration. In the coming months, our elected government will be subject to intensified scrutiny as to what it has done — and what it hasn’t.

Editorial – On litter, and litters: Our problems with garbage and dogs

Grand Cayman’s most obnoxious problems — our out-of-control garbage situation and runaway feral dog population — may actually be one and the same.

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