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Premier reaches out to stricken Bahamas

Premier Alden McLaughlin paid a flying visit to the Bahamas Monday to offer Cayman’s solidarity and support to the hurricane-hit island chain.

Disaster relief focus of British Virgin Islands workshop

A Cayman Islands delegation of representatives from the Red Cross, Hazard Management and the government recently attended the ‘Collaborative Cash Programming’ disaster response workshop in the British Virgin Islands.

A new vision for recovery in the British Virgin Islands

If a proper course is set, the BVI can emerge as a truly modern society whose per capita income is high, infrastructure world-class and resilient, economy diversified, environment preserved, communities flourishing and people empowered.

BVI governor calls for return of Irma evacuees

Financial services workers who were evacuated from the British Virgin Islands after last September’s hurricanes should return there by the end of March, BVI Governor Gus Jaspert said last week during his Speech from the Throne.

Despite hurricanes, Caribbean economies grew in 2017

Gross domestic product in the Caribbean grew by 0.6 percent last year despite being impacted by some of the strongest hurricanes in the region’s history, and is projected to grow by 2 percent this year, according to recently released statistics from the Caribbean Development Bank.

More CUC workers head to BVI to assist in hurricane recovery

A group of CUC lineworkers left for the British Virgin Islands on Sunday. They are the second contingent of CUC workers who have traveled there to assist in the recovery from hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Hazard Management official returns from BVI, predicts ‘long road’ to recovery

Following a month spent helping restore basic services to the hurricane-ravaged British Virgin Islands, Danielle Coleman of Hazard Management Cayman Islands says full recovery is likely to take more than a year.

Third group of Cayman police sent to British Virgin Islands

A third contingent of 16 Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers left for the British Virgin Islands on Thursday after the second contingent returned to Cayman that morning, according to RCIPS Media Relations Officer Mikhail Campbell.

Life after the storm, a child’s story

Dauria Wattley, a 12-year-old British Virgin Islands evacuee staying in Frank Sound and attending Triple C school in George Town, knows well the effects of a hurricane after seeing her hometown in British Virgin Islands battered first by Hurricane Irma and then by Hurricane Maria.

Radio Cayman engineer helps fix Turks and Caicos broadcast system

Radio Cayman’s senior technician, Dean Bremmer, has returned to Cayman after helping restore the Turks and Caicos Islands’ broadcast system, which was largely destroyed last month by Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma: A survivor’s story

When Kyrie Caulfield drives on Grand Cayman during rainy days, his pulse quickens, his stomach ties into knots, and his knuckles whiten from gripping the steering wheel too hard.

Anguilla is grateful for aid from Cayman

We are gradually recovering but it will take quite a while before we are fully recovered, but we would not be at this stage without your thoughtfulness, decisiveness and generosity.

Cayman linesmen head to British Virgin Islands

Seven employees of the Caribbean Utilities Company traveled to the British Virgin Islands Monday to assist with the territory’s power restoration efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Amid hurricane devastation, tourists divert to Cayman

In normal circumstances, an influx of 250,000 additional tourists would be cause for celebration. But Grand Cayman’s windfall comes at a cost to its Caribbean neighbors.

Local business in brief: Scotiabank awards financial support to students

Scotiabank has awarded five Caymanian students each with a US$5,000 student bursary. The bursary provides additional financial support to students attending an overseas university. The Scotiabank bursary supports Caymanian students in financial need who are seeking to pursue an undergraduate degree in business or finance at a college/university overseas.

87-year-old survives Hurricanes Irma and Maria

A battle with lung cancer, the destruction of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and a 1,700-mile trip from Anguilla to New Jersey – traveled part of the way on a U.S. military cargo plane – has not slowed down 87-year-old Audrey Rogers.

Cayman sends second relief flight to Anguilla

The second relief mission from Cayman to Anguilla took off on Tuesday, bringing medical professionals and vitally needed supplies to one of the islands directly affected by Hurricane Irma.

British Virgin Islands gets disaster management help from Cayman

Hazard Management Cayman Islands has sent Danielle Coleman, the agency’s deputy director of preparedness and planning, to the British Virgin Islands to assist with aid efforts. Ms. Coleman will assist the BVI Red Cross and BVI Department of Disaster Management in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Cayman takes in 170 hurricane evacuees, more may come

A total of 170 evacuees have arrived in Cayman in the wake of Hurricane Irma and more are anticipated as a result of Hurricane Maria which this week pounded a number of eastern Caribbean Islands, territories that were already reeling from catastrophic storm damage.

Lionfish culling tournament this weekend

A two-day lionfish culling tournament that was postponed earlier this month because of Hurricane Irma gets under way Saturday.

Cayman police in British Virgin Islands brace for Hurricane Maria

After Hurricane Irma devastated the British Virgin Islands less than two weeks ago, 16 Cayman Islands police officers deployed there were instrumental in helping restore law and order – efforts that included rounding up dozens of escaped prisoners.

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RCIPS helicopter returns from Turks and Caicos aid mission

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers described resilience in the face of devastation in Cayman’s fellow overseas territory, the Turks and Caicos Islands. Four RCIPS helicopter crew deployed to the northern Caribbean islands on Sept. 8, as the tail end of Hurricane Irma passed over the territory.

EDITORIAL – Hurricane Irma: Keeping our eye on the storm

We knew from past experience (“Thank you, Hurricane Ivan”) that we would need a finely choreographed effort to provide our readers, both online and in print, with fast, accurate, and meaningful coverage of this storm.

‘It keeps washing in’: Sargassum chokes beaches in wake of Irma

Cayman’s business owners are teaming up to rid the beaches of a smelly vestige of Hurricane Irma. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association sent an advisory this week regarding the seaweed and trash that has been accumulating along Seven Mile Beach.

Cayman police help recapture 70 prisoners in British Virgin Islands

A delegation of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has been on the ground for five days in the British Virgin Islands, and on Thursday it went a long way toward re-establishing security on Tortola.

National Trust celebrates 30th anniversary

The Cayman Islands National Trust, which this month celebrates 30 years of protecting the natural history of the territory, invites the public to a celebration of music, dance, environment, history and local heritage at Pedro St. James Castle on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 6-10 p.m.

Hurricane relief mission delays laser/helicopter trial

Javonnie Silburn, who is accused of shining a laser at the police helicopter, had his trial adjourned until next week because a police officer due to give evidence is on an emergency relief operation in Turks and Caicos.

French President Macron visits St. Martin, vows to rebuild island

French President Emmanuel Macron visited St. Martin this week and pledged to rebuild the French territory as a “model island” that would be a “showcase of French excellence.”

On humanitarian trip to Anguilla, Irma brings back memories of Ivan

When Premier Alden McLaughlin first stepped on the ground of hurricane-ravaged Anguilla on Tuesday afternoon, he said he had a flashback to September 2004. “It brought back in a rush the images, smells and feelings of the aftermath of Ivan."

Hurricane Irma

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In Caribbean, insured damage from Irma in billions, but economic damage worse

The devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in parts of the Caribbean is expected to result in billions of dollars of insured losses, but the economic damage is likely to be much worse, analysts say.

Cayman opens arms to Irma victims: Premier heads to Anguilla on aid flight

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin took off from Cayman on Tuesday with a humanitarian mission to the eastern Caribbean island of Anguilla.

Uncertainty swirls around British Virgin Islands financial sector

With many essential services in the British Virgin Islands still out of commission in the wake of Hurricane Irma, numerous corporate services providers are pulling their employees out of the territory.

Irma winds down as recovery efforts ramp up

Hurricane Irma petered out and dropped off the National Hurricane Center’s advisory list Tuesday afternoon, but the cleanup from the massive storm will likely take weeks or months.

US Marines use Grand Cayman as staging area for hurricane aid

Hurricane relief came swooping in to Owen Roberts International Airport in three Super Stallion helicopters Monday afternoon.

Hurricane Irma strikes Florida before losing edge

The wrath of Hurricane Irma played out in full measure over Florida on Sunday, and the new week brought damage assessments and estimates of when vital services can resume again.

Make sure Irma charities are reputable, advises Registry

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, numerous charities have been created to help the islands that have been hit hardest. However, many of those organizations have sprung up overnight, with no apparent track record of performing charitable deeds.

Two trucks of garbage removed from West Bay beach

On the same day that Hurricane Irma made landfall in Cuba, bringing high seas and winds to Cayman, the Cayman International School community gathered on a West Bay beach to take part in a cleanup.

Video update: Hurricane Irma shakes Miami en route to Gulf Coast

The fierce eye of Hurricane Irma roared ashore in Florida, first hitting the Keys and then heading to the western coastline.

Spared from Jose, struggles continue for Virgin Islands

Still reeling from Hurricane Irma, residents in the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands were expecting the worst on Saturday in the midst of reports that the territories would also be hit by the Category 4 Hurricane Jose that night.

Rough seas close North Church Street

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has blocked North Church Street between Mary Street and Bodden Road in George Town due to "wave action."

Rare three-storm formation leads to ‘hurricane déjà vu’

The existence of three hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico at the same time last week brought a bit of déjà vu for international storm observers.

Hurricane Irma: A devastating blow to Florida’s Gulf Coast

MIAMI – The fierce eye of Hurricane Irma roared ashore in Florida on Sunday morning, bringing the full intensity of the storm to bear on the lower Florida Keys before beginning what forecasters say could be a painful journey up the state’s western coastline.
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NEW: RCIPS officers head to Irma-stricken BVI

A team of 16 Royal Cayman Islands Police officers left Grand Cayman Saturday afternoon, headed for the devastated British Virgin Islands to bolster a bare bones police force in the storm ravaged British territory.

Video update: Hurricane Irma’s impact on the Caribbean

Hurricane Irma continued its inexorable path through the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

Navy vessels join Hurricane Irma relief effort

The U.K. supply ship RFA Mounts Bay, which practiced disaster response and recovery exercises on Seven Mile Beach in July, arrived in the British Virgin Islands to help with the relief effort following Hurricane Irma. The navy vessel carries about 40 Royal Marines and Army engineers and assisted the authorities by carrying out damage assessment from the air.

NEW: Cayman’s port, supermarkets operating normally despite false notice

Despite Internet rumors, Cayman's ports and supermarkets are operating normally despite the projected path of Hurricane Irma toward Florida.

UPDATE: Cayman’s airport offers shelter from, staging area for Hurricane Irma

Civilian and military aircraft are converging upon Grand Cayman's airport, either fleeing from Hurricane Irma or on their way to provide emergency relief to affected areas.

UPDATE: Tampa airport to close Monday for Irma; Cayman Airways adjusts flights

The Tampa International Airport in Florida will close Monday. Accordingly Cayman Airway's flights to and from Tampa on Monday have been cancelled.

‘Enormous catastrophe’: St. Martin reeling from hurricane damage

Most of the French part of eastern Caribbean Island St. Martin has been destroyed, the president of the territory’s assembly Daniel Gibbs said on Wednesday.

Cayman Airways cancels 20 Florida flights, offers ‘evacuation’ fares

Cayman Airways has announced cancelation of 20 flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday related to the projected path of Hurricane Irma. To get people out of Florida before Hurricane Irma strikes, the airline is offering flights on Friday, Sept. 8, for $69 one way.

American facing fiream charges allowed to travel because of Irma

An American citizen charged with firearm offenses was bailed on Thursday so that he could travel to Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma’s anticipated impact there. He pleaded with the court to let him go back to Florida to safeguard his family, property and business.

Relief efforts begin for devastated British Virgin Islands

After Hurricane Irma flattened homes throughout the British Virgin Islands when it struck the territory on Wednesday, untold hundreds of residents have had to seek refuge in churches, schools and other public shelters.

Fun Run still on, other weekend events in Cayman postponed

One event scheduled for this weekend in Cayman will go on as scheduled, but a number of others have been canceled or postponed because of inclement weather related to Hurricane Irma.

Red Cross appeals for Hurricane Irma monetary donations

The Cayman Islands Red Cross has started a Hurricane Irma appeal to help those in the region affected by the storm. “We really don’t know the extent of the damage as full assessments haven’t been conducted yet, but based on what we have seen and heard, Irma has been catastrophic."


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Hurricane Irma pummels islands, maintains Category 5 strength

Hurricane Irma made its first landfall Wednesday, battering Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, St. Martin and St. Barthelemy islands.

Cayman monitors Irma as it batters region

The inhabitants of Cayman have been watching the path of Hurricane Irma with dread and trepidation, but the latest advisories have given them relief. The Category 5 storm arced northwest over the last few days, putting Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands farther out of the menacing swirl of destruction.

Update: Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as Category 5 storm

Hurricane Irma strengthened to historic proportions and continued its trajectory through the Lesser and Greater Antilles on Tuesday, upgraded to a Category 5 storm. As it churns toward the eastern Caribbean, multiple nations are bracing for impact over the next 24 hours.

UPDATED: Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 5, max winds of 180 mph

Several countries are preparing for a serious impact from Hurricane Irma. An advisory from the U.S. National Hurricane Center on Monday showed the hurricane heading toward the Leeward Islands and potentially striking Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

EDITORIAL – Hurricane watch: Keeping our eyes on ‘Ms. Irma’

At the Compass, we will continue to monitor closely the path of Irma and keep our readers updated both in our print editions and, for even more timely information, on our website (caymancompass.com).

Irma bears down on Leewards, likely to track northwest

A hurricane hunter plane from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association was scheduled to depart from the Bahamas late Sunday afternoon to explore Category 3 Hurricane Irma, which was making its way through the central Atlantic.

Hurricane Irma strengthens in Atlantic; now a major hurricane

The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory Thursday about Hurricane Irma, the ninth named storm of the season, which by Thursday afternoon had a maximum sustained wind speed of 100 mph.

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