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Environment assessment terms for ReGen agreed; financing deal still pending

The government’s Environmental Assessment Board has concluded setting the terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment of the ReGen project, which will replace the George Town landfill.

Premier’s Office promises update on ReGen, as financing deadline passes

An update on the ReGen waste-to-energy project is expected by the end of the week, the Premier's Office has said, as government responded to Opposition calls for transparency on plans for the George Town landfill.

Financing contract for ReGen project yet to be signed

Government is yet to finalise the financial contract and date for breaking ground for the multi-million dollar ReGen facility at the George Town landfill, according to the chief officer in the Health and Wellness Ministry.

Dart: Air quality data at waste facility will be public

During the construction and operation of a proposed 10-storey waste-to-energy plant which is being considered as a replacement for the George Town landfill, air quality will be continuously monitored and the findings will be made public, according to Dart representatives.

ReGen takes landfill plans on the road

The Dart DECCO consortium behind the proposed transformation of the George Town landfill brought details of its plans to the public on Tuesday night in the first of a series of town hall meetings.

George Town landfill: ReGen EIA draft terms released

The public can now access a draft consultation document that lays out the proposed terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment of the ReGen waste management system at the current site of the George Town landfill.

Dart to hold public meetings on ReGen EIA terms

The Dart-led consortium behind Cayman’s multi-million dollar waste management ReGen project at the George Town landfill will hold three public meetings next month to discuss plans for the site's environmental impact assessment.

Waste-to-energy: Expensive technology that aims to solve landfill problem

At the 5th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum, a discussion by waste-management experts highlighted the many challenges faced by countries in the region to deal with the waste they produce.

Landfill’s scrap cars shipped off island

Tons of scrap cars and assorted metal have been removed from the George Town landfill, loaded onto a barge and shipped off island for recycling.

The issue explained: Mount Trashmore landfill deal

The recently signed 25-year deal between Dart and the Cayman Islands government aims to transform the towering 'Mount Trashmore' into a facility where rubbish from all three islands will be incinerated and turned into electricity.

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