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Additional BA flights to and from Cayman confirmed

The Ministry of Tourism said two additional round trip flights from the UK to Cayman has been added for the months of September.

Quarantine breach under investigation

Police is investigating an alleged breach of quarantine protocols at a government facility involving a newly arrived traveller and a member of the public.

On the front line with Travel Cayman

Since the Cayman Islands began repatriation flights back in April last year, more than 20,000 people have undergone quarantine at homes and hotels across Grand Cayman.

Police investigate potential quarantine breach

Police are investigating an alleged breach of quarantine between a traveller isolating in a private residence and a member of the public.

5-day quarantine only for those vaccinated in Cayman, UK

The recently reduced five-day quarantine period for vaccinated travellers currently only applies to people who can provide vaccination certificates issued in the Cayman Islands or the UK, as those are the only ones that can be securely verified, according to officials.

Travel Cayman says no quarantine breach occurred with couple on boat

Police have said a quarantining couple who photographed themselves aboard a boat did not commit any offence nor did they pose any public health risk.

Police investigate two new home quarantine breaches

Two new quarantine breaches are now being investigated by police, one of which has led to the offending travellers being moved to a supervised quarantine facility, Travel Cayman reported Wednesday.

New quarantine requirements enacted

From today, Cayman's new quarantine requirements for arriving vaccinated travellers are in effect.

Travel Cayman’s Tasha Ebanks Garcia named Cayman UK rep

Travel Cayman Director Tasha Ebanks Garcia is named as Cayman's new representative to the UK and Europe, Government confirmed.

Quarantine breaches hotline launched

 A new hotline has been launched allowing the public to report suspected quarantine breaches directly to Travel Cayman.

Travel Cayman issues election canvassing warning

Travel Cayman has warned election canvassers and those isolating at home that they must adhere to local health protocols or they will face prosecution.

Quarantine breaches remain under investigation

Four cases of alleged quarantine breaches remain under investigation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Travel Cayman has confirmed.

Visiting TV crew not required to quarantine; additional protocols mandated

A four-person crew arriving in Cayman to scout locations for a reality TV show is being allowed to enter and work in the country without going through the required quarantine protocols.

Pro jet-ski rider faces disciplinary action after quarantine breach

Local professional jet-ski rider Vanjae 'VJ' Ramgeet will be penalised following an alleged quarantine breach by his girlfriend on Sunday, the Cayman Islands Watercraft Association announced Monday.

Update: Confusion as BA shifts December flights to Tuesdays

Travellers booked on next month's upcoming British Airways flights were hit with cancellation emails Wednesday morning following changes to dates of the weekly approved flights for December.

Manderson: Online portal eases load for ‘overwhelmed’ Travel Cayman

The transfer of services from TravelTime to Travel Cayman - entities tasked with handling travel to and from Cayman - did not go smoothly, and the new operator became overwhelmed with applications, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson acknowledged Monday.

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