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Résumé Requirements

Résumés provide prospective employers with a snapshot of an applicant’s qualifications and experience, set out in a clear and concise way.

Zoom Etiquette

In our modern world of international job opportunities, or even local ones in the time of a pandemic, online interviews are now normal.

Interview Tips

Once your stellar résumé has caught an employer’s attention, the next step is an interview.

Further than finance: Explore the careers of your dreams

Surrounded by world-class financial and legal firms, those starting out on their career paths in Cayman may feel funnelled into these areas of expertise.

100WF Expands Youth Mentoring Programme

The organisation 100 Women in Finance has expanded its existing youth mentoring offering in the Cayman Islands to include young women in local high schools and universities.

Overseas Students Weather COVID Storm

While the pandemic’s effects on schooling may have faded into the not-so-distant past here on-island, Caymanian students overseas are still dealing with restrictions. Whether social distancing, the inability to get home, or attending university virtually from Cayman, here are three students’ experiences.

Education Opportunities in Cayman

Cayman offers a wide range of education and training opportunities to get ready for the workforce. Here’s a round-up of schools and organisations on-island to help set you on the right track.

Regiment can boost career skills

The recently formed Cayman Islands Regiment serves not only to help the country in times of crisis but is an excellent training ground for leadership and skills important in all careers.

Matthew inspired to change careers

Nineteen-year-old Matthew McLaughlin’s job as a deckhand disappeared when the tourism sector was hit by the COVID-19 crisis last year.

The Future Is Code

As technology advances rapidly, so does the need for the skills that drive this progress.

Scholarship Opportunities

Government and private organisations offer scholarships to educate Cayman Islands’ youth, and avoid financial constraints from keeping the best and brightest students from achieving their dreams.

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