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Firefighters tackle tank blaze at fuel terminal for eight hours

Firefighters battled for eight hours on Sunday and Monday to put out a fire inside a diesel tank at the Cayman Islands fuel depot at Jackson Point on South Church Street.

UK Navy arrives for disaster response exercises

Some crew members of the RFA Mounts Bay landing ship, background, right, arrive in the George Town harbor Thursday morning.

Fireman loses job 2 days after being jailed for firearm offense

Two days after being sentenced in Grand Court to five-and-a-half years in prison for a firearm offense, Fabian Oliver Thompson lost his job as an officer with the Cayman Islands Fire Service.

EDITORIAL – Fire service overtime: 69,000 hours … 69,000 hours?!

Almost as bad as the fire service’s reliance on overtime is the explanation offered for it – that some firefighters have taken high numbers of sick days.

Report: Firefighters battle staff shortages

Cayman Islands firefighters who worked on holidays between December 2015 and this year apparently went unpaid and are due back pay immediately, according to a draft report from the government’s Internal Audit Unit that was released to the press last week.

Investigations continue into Fire Service vehicle crash

Police and the Fire Service are carrying out separate investigations into a road traffic accident in which a fire rescue vehicle collided with a bicycle and a utility pole in West Bay on Monday morning. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday evening, the ministry is working with the two departments to ensure the incident is “thoroughly investigated.”

Fire vehicle, bicycle in West Bay crash

A cyclist was hospitalized Monday morning with serious injuries following a collision with a fire service vehicle in West Bay. “An officer with the Cayman Islands Fire Service was the driver of the fire rescue vehicle that crashed into a utility pole. A cyclist was also involved in the incident.”

UPDATED: Firefighters respond to backyard boat fire

The Cayman Islands Fire Service responded to a backyard boat fire in South Sound on Sunday afternoon. The plume of smoke could be seen as far...

Gov’t warned about fire truck rollovers after 2005 incident

The Cayman Islands Fire Service was warned in October 2005 about the potential for its fire engines to tip over at relatively low turning speeds, the Cayman Compass can reveal. The warning came after a police investigation of a rollover accident involving a T-2500 model fire engine in January 2005.

Fire Service christens new rescue boat

When they broke a bottle of sparkling apple cider over the new Cayman Islands Fire Service boat, it had already been used in one rescue in the North Sound.

Firefighters train for aviation emergencies

Members of the Cayman Islands Fire Service tackled a mock airplane blaze last week as part of a two-week training course to prepare firefighters for potential aviation disasters.

West Bay’s fire station lends helping hand

West Bay’s fire station staff recently came together to help out a member of the community.

Services recruitment drive draws hundreds

More than 250 applications were submitted at a recruitment drive on Wednesday by those seeking to join the emergency and prison services.

Beach Bay home damaged in Friday night fire

A fire damaged a home Friday evening in the Beach Bay neighborhood in Bodden Town,

Three years on, fire service remains short-staffed

Chronic short-staffing problems that led to a one-year overtime bill of nearly $1 million for the Cayman Islands Fire Service still exist at the department, three years after government auditors identified the issue and managers promised to correct it.

Vehicle inspector crashes car during test drive

Johnny Salas was going to sell his 1996 Toyota Supra after getting it registered at the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing Monday.

EDITORIAL – Firefighters’ three-alarm mold emergency

People who become professional firefighters expect to encounter certain occupational hazards. Mold, however, isn’t one of them.

Mold found in all fire stations

Significant mold damage has been found in all three Grand Cayman fire stations, Chief Fire Officer David Hails confirmed last week.

Auditors: Gov’t not shopping around

The Cayman Islands government’s internal auditors could find no evidence that bids went out for 18 separate payments totaling nearly $1.5 million in various public sector procurements during the 2013/14 financial year.

Fireman charged with imitation firearm offense

Fabian Oliver Thompson, 33, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit an offense.

New fire chief begins work

Although he does not have a uniform yet, new Cayman Islands Chief Fire Officer David Hails officially started work on Tuesday.

Suspicious fires gut apartment, SUV

Separate fires damage an apartment and an SUV overnight Saturday in central George Town.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Fire officers welcome home ill colleague

Officers from the Cayman Islands Fire Service turned out in force at the tarmac at Owen Roberts International Airport on Monday to welcome home Station Officer Percival Whorms.

CarePay trial: Cash from AIS deal went to Watson's business, says Crown

About US$100,000 from a bank account held by the local company which was a partner in the CarePay swipe card project was transferred in December 2010 to a business in which Canover Watson was a part owner, Crown prosecutors said Thursday.

New chief in town

New fire chief plans focus on response times, risk management

David Hails underwent what he described as a “baptism by fire” this week during an unannounced visit to the Cayman Islands, where he was introduced as the new chief fire officer.

'Hails' to the chief: Cayman's new top firefighter

Based on his résumé, the hiring of David Hails as chief fire officer appears to be an unqualified recruitment triumph.

UK fire service veteran named new chief

For the first time since the Cayman Islands Fire Service was created, a non-Caymanian has been appointed to lead the department.

NCVO Radio Telethon is still going strong

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations is hoping that the public will dig deep into their pockets and pledge their support once again at the annual radio/telethon.

Key government posts in limbo

The senior ranks of Cayman's civil service are filled with "acting," but not the Hollywood kind.

More than 100 ready to shave heads for Hannah

More than 100 people have signed up to have their heads shaved at the third annual Heroes for Hannah shave event to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Diverted ambulances delay response to heart attack victim

It took an ambulance crew nearly 30 minutes to reach an unresponsive heart attack victim in North Side Monday because there were no available ambulances in the area, according to 911 records of the call.

Fire chief on 'required leave'

Cayman's fire chief has been suspended pending an investigation into a hit-and-run accident.

Acting fire chief arrested in hit-and-run

Cayman's acting fire chief is arrested in connection with a January hit-and-run accident that left a 14-year-old hospitalized for months.

Bureaucrats' meddling with public safety puts Cayman at risk

As the old saying goes, “There’s never a cop around when you need one.” Here in the Cayman Islands, now we know why: Because the government won't allow Police Commissioner David Baines to hire the officers he needs.

Marketers award their best

CIMPA helds its first awards dinner, with the Laura Skec earning the Marketer of the Year award and BB&P and Massive Media both winning two awards as well.

Cayman on fire: Sound the alarm! … Bury the report

The scathing review of the Cayman Islands Fire Serivce should have been treated by officials as an "18-alarm" conflagration. Instead, they tried to dump it in the nearest wastebasket, hoping it might spontaneously combust. ... It didn't.

Report proposes new BT fire station

U.K.-based fire service experts advocate for a new fire station in Bodden Town district.

Scathing Fire Service report says department is top heavy with senior officers

Massive deficiencies in the Cayman Islands Fire Service, discovered more than a year ago, are finally revealed to the public.

False engine fire indication prompted emergency landing

An emergency landing involving Cayman Airways’ Twin Otter flight from Little Cayman was caused by a “false engine fire indication,” the airline said in a statement.

Acting fire chief 'medical boarded'

Cayman's acting fire chief has been officially retired.

Court: Fire chief not yet retired

Cayman's former fire chief claims he was forced to retire, but the civil service and a local judge say that's not the case.

Fire crews find hot spots at landfill

Crews removed a large slab of concrete from the George Town Landfill that may have been a contributing factor to fires flaring up recently at the site.

Firefighters monitor landfill

A fire at the landfill was fully extinguished by late afternoon Sunday.

Landfill catches fire again

A 'sizeable surface fire' broke out at the George Town Landfill on Sunday.

Canadian war vets visit Cayman

A delegation of Canadian war veterans joined local veterans to honor the war dead at a remembrance ceremony at the Elmslie Memorial Church on Wednesday.

Electrical arc caused fire in gov't building

Almost 900 employees were evacuated from the five-story Government Administration Building in the heart of Grand Cayman’s financial capital, George Town, on Friday morning.

Cayman seeks new fire chief

Cayman's fire service is the latest public safety department on the islands to seek new leadership.

Pines staff get fire training

Staff of the Pines Retirement Home underwent fire training to learn how to cope with fires and use extinguishers.

Public sector job description: Money for nothing

Has there ever been a time when so many in the Cayman Islands have been paid so much, to do so little?

Acting fire chief fights forced ‘retirement’ in court

Cayman's ousted fire chief claims he was forced to retire and wasn't even given a chance to defend himself.

House fire under investigation

House fire investigated in Bodden Town district.

Cayman celebrates the Queen’s 88th birthday

George Town was transformed into a site of much pomp and ceremony on Saturday when it hosted a parade and awards ceremony in honor of the 88th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mining explosives seized, 25-year-old arrested

Blasting caps and explosive sticks are recovered at a West Bay home.

Prisons, fire budgets get boost

Cayman's adult male prison and the local fire service will get significant budget increases, starting this summer.

Car fire sparks false alarm at dump

Firefighters were called to reports of another dump fire on Wednesday, but this time it was a false alarm.

Premier: Dozens of ‘front line’ positions vacant

Vacancies in key Cayman Islands government jobs are reaching critical mass.

Two retired chiefs to help rescue fire service

Two retired Cayman Islands firefighters are brought back to help revive their former department.

Business fee reductions planned

Cayman's small businesses may get a break in the next government budget, but civil servants won't.

Free speech under fire

Circulating grisly photos of crime scenes is disrespectful and unprofessional, but as far as we can tell, not illegal.

Police call killing 'apparent' murder-suicide

Local police say Cayman's first killing of 2014 is an "apparent" murder suicide.

Firefighters put on leave over crime scene photos

Three firefighters are on leave from their jobs after some grisly crime scene photos surface on social media.

Response to dump fire under review

The response to last week's inferno at the George Town landfill will come under review.

Landfill fire extinguished on 4th day

The Cayman Islands Fire Service has confirmed a landfill fire that began early Wednesday was entirely extinguished around mid-day Saturday. 

Dump burns for second day

Updated: Some closures were still in effect Friday as the fire at the George Town landfill raged on.

Review finds low morale among firefighters

Cayman Islands Fire Service crews often feel like the outcast among the other local emergency service agencies, according to firefighting advisers.

Overtime, other costs for firefighters top $500,000

Some wholesale changes are being proposed for Cayman's fire service.

Foster’s evacuates Savannah store

Customers at Foster's Food Fair in Savannah were evacuated from the store Wednesday afternoon due to a strong smell of gas.

Firefighters battled landfill blaze for nearly 20 hours

Putting out Friday's landfill blaze took serious efforts from the Cayman Islands Fire Service.

Cayman Airways pilot hangs up wings after 30 years

Cayman Airways bids farewell to First Officer Ed Naused after 30 years of service.

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