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Mustangs trample over Predators

Many eyes in the flag football world were trained on the Lone Star Mustangs and Island Heritage Predators.

Panthers claw Hellcats to pieces

The Digicel Premier League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, crossed its mid-season point in dramatic fashion.

Panthers and Hellcats high five

Cayman Islands Flag Football Association completed its sixth week of games of the Digicel Summer Premier League on Saturday and the likely playoff positions became more predictable.

Hellcats pounce on Predators

The Digicel Premier League’s Week 5 saw the resourceful DMS WestBay Hellcats trounce the ascending Predators 13-6.

Strzalko no longer fears sharks

Kitesurfing has a growing number of competitors in Cayman and local professional Amy Strzalko competes in Oregon at the Bridge of The Gods event in Hood River on Saturday.

KPMG Sharks hungry for more prey

The KPMG Sharks made a statement against the Maples Dolphins during Week 4 of the Digicel Premier League.

Predators fillet meager Dolphins

Week 3 of the Digicel Premier League saw exciting games at the Ed Bush field, with none more fascinating than the showdown between the Island Heritage Predators and the Maples Dolphins.

Panthers stalking Digicel title

Going into Week 2 of the Digicel Premier League, the Burger King Panthers look like the team to beat.

Killa-Panthers eager to bite back

After a less than convincing start to their title defense, the Androgroup Killa-Panthers are hungry to make amends.

Panthers maul Sharks in opener

The Burger King Panthers have started their title defense on a positive note.

Panthers start their title defense

Adult flag football is back on the local sports scene.

Jamboree kicks off

Flag football is set to start its adult leagues.

Flames repeat by burning Bears

Cayman hockey has a budding dynasty in the form of the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames.

New campaign to end turtle farming

A renewed campaign to stop turtle farming in Cayman is under way in the UK with wildlife campaigners lobbying the British government to intervene.

Sharks chomp Pirates, claim title

The Sharks are officially the best team in local ball hockey.

Ten sharks tagged in conservation project

Researchers in Cayman are doing their part to save the oceanic whitetip shark by tagging and tracking sharks caught in local waters.

Diamonds sparkled as Sharks showed ability to pounce

Round 4 action in the Elite Marble & Granite Women’s 7s League on Saturday saw some more thrilling action as the race for the Hob Nob Trophy heated up.

Flames burning for No. 1 spot

The Cayman Hot Sauce Flames are closing in on more glory.

Wahoos top pool

After Rounds 3 and 4 of the Cayman Touch Association Women’s League it is Wahoos who remain undefeated with a draw and a win to add to their two victories already this season. The other significant improvement came from Lionfish who got their first points going through the day undefeated.

Sharks, grouper learn to prey on lionfish

Research from Little Cayman suggests that large grouper and nurse sharks are starting to prey on lionfish – a potentially game changing development in the Atlantic-wide battle against the invasive predator.

Sharks too sharp for Iguanas

Women’s rugby action resumed with round 2 of the Elite Marble & Granite Women’s 7s league at the club ground in South Sound. A great afternoon’s action was accentuated by several standout performances and flashy plays on Saturday.

Sevens girls seal concrete deal

The Cayman women’s rugby program continues to blossom and their Olympic ambitions were boosted by securing a major sponsor. Elite Marble & Granite, kitchen and bathroom specialists and leading supplier of granite, marble an tile products, is backing the program.

The ‘unsung heroes’ of Little Cayman

Writer celebrates the divers who participate in weekly cullings of Little Cayman lionfish.

Sharks to continue feeding frenzy at Kings against Pirates

Local ball hockey is fast approaching its final stages.

Gall inspires other Caymanians

The newly launched Women’s 7s League is attracting plenty of Caymanians to rugby which is good for the game’s future because the intention is to qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Diamonds sparkle as 7s kicks off

Rugby is one of the best organized sports in the Cayman Islands and its latest development is a women’s domestic 7s league.

Sharks hunger to feast on Flames

The Deloitte Sharks will look to keep feasting on their opposition.

New league leads to 7s heaven

A new women’s rugby 7s league kicks off in earnest this Saturday, with a new format, new teams as well as a host of players trying the game for the first time.

Cullers aware of shark threat

Lionfish cullers are being warned to take additional precautions after a number of incidents involving aggressive behavior from reef sharks and eels.

Diver fights off reef shark

A lionfish culler filmed himself fighting off an aggressive reef shark in a dramatic encounter in Grand Cayman’s waters that has been broadcast around the world.

Local photographer snaps up international award

A series of breathtaking images, including several shot in the Cayman Islands, earned local snapper Ellen Cuylaerts the title of ‘world champion’ in a global underwater photography competition.

Miniature marvels attract 'macro divers'

Divers are being urged to look beneath the surface and explore a thriving undersea world of tiny creatures, many no larger than a grain of rice.

Natural predators could aid lionfish cullers

As Cayman’s lionfish cullers gear up for another series of tournaments, anecdotal evidence suggests that natural predators could ultimately help control the expansion of the invasive species.

Taylor takes out Gold Sharks

Another devastating spell of fast bowling by captain Troy Taylor took By Rite to their third win and the championship of the first Cayman Premier League tournament.

Taylor made triumph

In Cayman Premier League action over the weekend at the Jimmy Powell Oval, By Rite captain Troy Taylor bowled his team into a commanding position against Greenies.

Bears stay cool under pressure

A new name has brought fresh energy to an old club.

Solar Bears chill out Sharks

Adult hockey is in full swing at Kings Sports Center.

Kids on the ball to feed our future

Clearly, local hockey has a budding generation of enthusiasts in Cayman.

ITS Solar Bears cool off Flames

A rookie club got off to a good start in local hockey.

Harvey will reel in fish lovers

Guy Harvey hopes to get anglers hooked on marine conservation efforts.

Barracudas to check out Sharks

The Sharks hope to continue their lethal form on the rink in 2014.

Corporate smash

The new cricket season starts with a difference this weekend with a fun event and a new league.

Sharks hungry for feeding frenzy

The Sharks are set to continue their winning ways on the court.

Ellbogen burning for 2014 repeat

One of the more impressive displays in local hockey this year came from the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames.

Flames burn Sharks with sweep

The Cayman Hot Sauce Flames are the latest champions in local hockey.

Sharks circling for Devil Rays

With the Sharks continuing to dominate, the most interesting race might be for second place.

Flames will heat up Cherry Cup

Cayman’s roller hockey playoffs are reaching a crescendo.

Sharks hunt birds

The Deloitte Sharks have one more shot at a Cherry Cup berth.

Sharks ravage reeling Barracudas

The Sharks continue to devour teams on the rink.

Devil Rays sting Sharks late

Cayman’s reigning ball hockey champs are down but not out.

Cayman’s underwater wonders captured in winning images

A stunning image of an underwater photographer framed by a colorful ribbon of reef was the winning entry in the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s...

Flames will be dancing for joy

Cherry Cup glory is only a few wins away for the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames.

Sharks chomp up Pirates, Devil Rays sting Barracudas

The Sharks continue to circle Kings Sports Center for more prey.

Cayman Hot Sauce peppers Sharks

With the season winding down, the Cayman Hot Sauce Flames remain on top of local roller hockey.

Devil Rays sinking to new depths

Months ago, the Deloitte Devil Rays were at the pinnacle of the local hockey world.

Sharks feed on Devil Rays, still circling for more prey

Veteran leadership continues to serve the Sharks well.

Sharks gaining ground on Flames

Cayman’s reigning roller hockey champions are finally in form.

Sharks eager for feeding frenzy after chomping Pirates

The Sharks have the most bite at Kings Sports Center.

Cayman Hot Sauce pepper High Rollers, increase lead

The Cayman Hot Sauce Flames are burning the competition.

Barracudas hunt for fresh prey

Ball hockey continues play in Cayman.

Flames still burn bright at Kings

The Cayman Hot Sauce Flames have little room for error.

Premier: National Conservation Law will receive unanimous support

The long awaited National Conservation Law, providing protection for Cayman’s endemic and endangered species, including sharks, and elevating the importance of environmental considerations in future development, will be passed by the end of the year, according to Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Flames roast Burger King Gamebirds

The Cayman Hot Sauce Flames are the No. 1 team in local roller hockey.

Sharks devour Gamebirds at Kings

The Burger King Gamebirds are no longer unbeaten in local hockey.

Hather will be balling out

After a solid performance abroad, Cayman’s ball hockey players are eager to storm the court.

Sharks hungry for Gamebird meal

It has not been an ideal start for the Deloitte Sharks.

16,000 lbs of Cayman deep diving history

The retired yellow submarine that once took visitors down the Cayman Wall, now stands in front of Ocean Frontiers in East End.

Gamebirds are ruling the roost

The Burger King Gamebirds are at the top of the food chain on the rink.

Roller hockey strives for equality

The adult hockey programs in the Cayman Islands are already quite similar.

Thompson puts Wolverines on top

The Burger King Wolverines ending their regular season campaign in thrilling fashion.

Birds pluck out Sharks

The Deloitte Sharks had a rough start to their Fall campaign.

Mustangs run ahead of the pack

The Lone Star Mustangs and the Burger King Wolverines topped all others on the gridiron this summer.

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