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Land crabs feel the pinch from development

Habitat loss remains the number one threat to Cayman’s plummeting crab population.

2 new stony coral disease sites found in East End

The deadly stony coral tissue loss disease have been found at two new sites in East End, the Department of Environment has reported.

Report: 22 years of monitoring shows large increase in turtle nests

As Cayman's turtle-nesting season gets under way, a new research paper prepared by the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and the University of Exeter in the UK has tracked a major increase in the sea turtle-nesting population over 22 years.

Stop notices issued after illegal mangrove clearing

Both the Planning Department and the Department of Environment have issued stop notices after the illegal clearing of mangrove in the Red Bay area.

DoE alerts beachgoers following reports of jellyfish stings

An eight-year-old girl is among several people nursing injuries after encountering jellyfish along Seven Mile Beach this week.

DoE: Dive volunteers helped save coral

Over three days last week, hundreds of volunteer divers worked to clear sand that was smothering coral at Eden Rock. Those efforts may have paid off, according to Department of Environment Deputy Director Tim Austin.

DoE: Large marine animal sightings a welcome sign

Recent sightings of a sperm whale and its calf and a large sixgill shark surfacing in local waters are encouraging signs that demonstrates Cayman’s rich diversity, the Department of Environment’s Tim Austin has said.

Deadly coral disease found over 4-mile area

Department of Environment researchers say they are growing increasingly worried as the deadly Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, first spotted at Penny’s Arch in the Rum Point Channel, appears to have spread over a four-mile area.

DOE issues bonfire warning

Three instances of bonfires found close to turtle nests have prompted a warning from the Department of Environment as it raised concerns about the safety of hatchlings.

DoE preps for Sandbar reopening

Restrictions at Stingray City and the Sandbar are set to be lifted on 19 July and the Department of Environment is preparing for the return of visitors to the North Sound sites.

DoE urges moderation when fishing

With fishermen back out to sea and leisure activities on the water now virtually uninhibited, the Department of Environment is reminding those casting their lines to fish in moderation.

Daily stingray feedings draw on DoE resources, personnel

From 19 July, restrictions on the Sandbar and Stingray City will come to an end and for deputy director of the Department of Environment, Tim Austin, that day cannot come fast enough.

Debris from rocket launch found floating off Brac

Debris from a rocket that launched from French Guiana in December was spotted off Cayman Brac last week.
Stingray sandbar

The boats are gone, but rays remain at Stingray City

Cayman’s iconic Stingray City is not believed to be at risk despite the closure of the site to tour boats.

Cayman parrot amnesty ends

A total of 326 Cayman parrots have been registered with the Department of Environment at the close of its six-month amnesty.
The George Town landfill, also known as Mount Trashmore

UPDATED: Small fire extinguished at the landfill

Cayman Islands Fire Service and the Department of Environmental Health are currently working on the site of small surface landfill fire that is extinguished...
The Sister Islands rock iguana faces threats from speeding cars, encroaching development and feral cats.

Rock iguana population numbers ‘critical’

The Sister Islands rock iguana on Little Cayman has been tagged “critically endangered” after the most recent survey taken by the Department of Environment.

Lobster season closes this weekend

Lobster season closes on Sunday until 30 Nov., the Department of Environment is reminding the public.

Second highest turtle nesting numbers recorded

During the 2019 turtle-nesting season, the longest one ever recorded, 675 nests were found across all three islands.

Green iguana cull crosses 54k mark

Cullers have turned in 54,508 green iguanas since the start of this year.

Researchers monitor ‘Grouper Moon’ spawning

Researchers from Cayman’s Department of Environment and the Reef Environmental Education Foundation reported encouraging initial findings from the annual Nassau grouper aggregation in the Sister Islands.

Marriott resort seeks to regain its beach

The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort has applied for a coastal works licence to re-establish the eroded beach in front of its Seven Mile...

West Bay mangroves cleared without permission

West Bay mangroves cleared without permission

Dead turtle found caught in fishing line

The Department of Environment is urging the public to correctly dispose of fishing line after divers found a dead hawksbill turtle in 80 feet of water off the coast of North West Point, in West Bay. The turtle’s left flipper was wrapped in fishing line, according to the DoE.

Two ‘king tides’ expected in early 2020

The Department of Environment is appealing to Cayman Islands residents to help document the incidences of ‘king tides’ – much higher-than-normal tidal surges – that are expected early this year.

Iguana culling takes a holiday break

The Department of Environment said it will be closing off its green iguana culling collections for the year from Monday, 23 Dec.

3 graves to be moved to make way for road widening

The National Roads Authority is seeking approval from the Department of Environmental Health to move three graves in a private cemetery to facilitate the...

CCMI: No evidence scientists can recreate a reef

Research labs, including our own at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, have made great progress in improving the ‘fitness’ of corals so they are more resilient. While there has been enormous progress, the scientific knowledge needed to regrow a coral reef is still is in its infancy.

Verdant Isle outlines coral relocation plan

Piece by piece, section by section, scientists for Verdant Isle claim they can relocate some of the coral reef impacted by the planned cruise...

Champion of the rock iguanas

Tanja Laaser doesn’t have a cape or a spandex outfit, but when the green iguana hotline rings on Little Cayman, she answers the call.

Discarded fishing line a threat to rare seabirds

Researchers studying seabird populations in the Sister Islands have discovered evidence of the devastating impact of discarded plastic in the ocean.

‘Ghost net’ found off Cayman

Fishermen made the horrific find of hundreds of dead fish and sharks tangled in an abandoned net drifting off Grand Cayman on Monday.

Grand Cayman grouper population lags behind

After the winter full moon, at three sites around the Cayman Islands, scientists gather to study and document one of the wonders of the underwater world.

Killed sharks pictured with fins removed

Just days after putting out a warning over illegal shark fishing, the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, received an anonymous tip that the problem may be worse than they thought.

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