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Forecasters eye two new systems on the radar

After a relatively quiet week in the Atlantic basin forecasters are now engaged in monitoring two new systems on the radar which are set for development later this week.

Hurricane names running out as Tropical Depression 20 forms

Forecasters are projecting Tropical Depression 20, which formed in the Atlantic on Wednesday morning, to become a storm overnight and a hurricane by the weekend.

2 systems set to develop; Hurricane Sam heads for Bermuda

Forecasters expect two new weather systems to develop into tropical depressions later this week as Hurricane Sam, now a Category 3 storm, looks likely to impact Bermuda by Saturday.

Sam intensifies to Cat 1 hurricane, set to continue strengthening

Tropical Storm Sam is now a category one hurricane east south east of the northern Leeward Islands and is set to become a major hurricane by Saturday, forecasters have said.

Tropical Storm Sam forms, set to become a hurricane Friday

Tropical Storm Sam has formed in the Atlantic basin and is forecast to become a hurricane by Friday, the US National Hurricane Center said Thursday.

Tropical depression expected to reach hurricane strength by weekend

Tropical depression 18 has formed in the eastern Atlantic and is projected to develop into a tropical storm by Thursday, and could be near hurricane intensity by the weekend, the US National Hurricane Center has said.

System off African coast poised for further development

Forecasters are keeping a close watch on a system developing off the African coast which is likely to develop into a depression by Thursday or Friday.

Tropical depression likely to form near Lesser Antilles

Forecasters at the US National Hurricane Center has said a broad area of low pressure midway between the Lesser Antilles and the Cabo Verde Islands is likely to develop into a tropical depression this weekend or early next week.

System near Cabo Verde set to become tropical depression

The weather system located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde islands is likely to form into a tropical depression in the coming days, forecasters have said.

Storm watchers eye system off African coast

US National Hurricane Center forecasters are keeping a close watch on a tropical wave off the west coast of Africa which is likely to form a tropical depression later this week.

Remembering Hurricane Ivan 17 years later

For many people around the world, the date 9/11 is synonymous with the attack on the World Trade Centre which claimed an estimated 3,000...

Surviving Grace: Battling the storm

Emma Halbert-Payne, who is 23 weeks pregnant, and her 6-year-old son Harrison fought off the storm for hours (husband Ulrich was off-island). Here, in her own words, is Emma’s story.

Surviving Grace: Mom shielded baby as roof caved

Acting on pure maternal instinct, single mother Monique Stewart flung her body over her infant son as a shield when the roof of her George Town apartment collapsed as Tropical Storm Grace passed over Grand Cayman on 18 Aug.

Tropical Storm Larry set to become a major hurricane, poses no threat to Cayman

Tropical Storm Larry, which poses no threat to land at this time, has been strengthening in the Atlantic and is set to become a hurricane Thursday then possibly a major hurricane by Friday morning.

Pedro St James reopens to public after ‘extensive clean-up’

Cayman's historic site Pedro St. James has reopened to the public after suffering damage caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Grace; however, its sister tourist attraction, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, remains closed indefinitely.

Weather system south of Cayman expected to bring rainfall

Although the National Hurricane Center has given a broad area of low pressure south of Cayman a low probability of development, it is still likely to increase the chances of showers and thunder locally later this week.

Two new weather systems take shape in Atlantic

Forecasters are expecting an active week ahead in the Atlantic basin as two new systems emerge on the radar, one of which has a high chance of formation over the next 48 hours through to the next five days.

All clear issued for Sister Islands

The all clear has been given for all of the Cayman Islands, according to Government Information Services.

All clear given for Grand Cayman

The all-clear has been given for Grand Cayman as Tropical Storm Ida moved further away Friday morning, however the Sister Islands remain under Tropical Storm warning as strong wind, heavy rain and significant power outages affect the islands. 

NWS: Cayman to feel Ida’s impact within the hour

Tropical Storm Ida continued its unpredictable path early Friday morning with yet another change in its forecast track which will now take it with in five miles of Grand Cayman by 3am.

Update: Tropical Storm Ida forms

NEOC: Tropical storm conditions expected in Grand Cayman starting at 11pm

Shoppers flock to stores following tropical storm warning

Just one hour after the Cayman Islands was put under a tropical storm warning Thursday morning, hundreds of people rushed to local grocery and hardware stores.

Recap: Cayman spared as Ida passes

Latest news and developments on storm closures in the Cayman Islands.

Update: TD 9 now Tropical Storm Ida

A tropical storm warning has been issued for the Cayman Islands as Tropical Depression 9 has become better organised 210 miles southeast of Grand Cayman.

Botanic Park, businesses still dealing with post-Tropical Storm Grace damage

Clean-ups are continuing across Grand Cayman as debris left in the wake of Tropical Storm Grace remains to be cleared in some areas.

Two tropical depressions likely to form at end of week

Two of three systems now churning in the Atlantic Basin are expected to become tropical depressions by the end of the week

Tropical Storm Grace: Lessons learned

Tropical Storm Grace made her mark on the Cayman Islands leaving almost all of Grand Cayman in the dark and felling numerous trees during her passage on Wednesday, 18 Aug. Residents and government agencies spent most of the following day clearing debris from the roadways and getting power restored.

Update: Three weather systems now being monitored

Forecasters are keeping track of two new weather systems in the Atlantic basin as of Monday morning.

Photo gallery: Aerial view of Tropical Storm Grace destruction

Police helicopter X-Ray One carried out an aerial assessment to identify any persons who may have been in distress and assess damage caused by Tropical Storm Grace. A number of images were captured that demonstrate the high seas, destruction of vegetation, and flooding caused across Grand Cayman.

NWS: Grace was very strong tropical storm, not a hurricane, when crossing Cayman

While Tropical Storm Grace may have felt like a category one, which it eventually became, the weather system did not cross the threshold to graduate to hurricane status even at its peak contact with Cayman Islands, the National Weather Service officials have confirmed.

Coastal impact from TS Grace being investigated

Initials checks on the coastal impact of Tropical Storm Grace have found that the northern end of Seven Mile Beach fared well, but there was some erosion on the southern end, Department of Environment Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie said.

CUC chips away at remaining outages; 600 remain without power

Up to 1,131 Caribbean Utilities Company customers remained without power in Grand Cayman, CUC confirmed on Friday, adding that they are unlikely to see resumption of service until late into the night.

Tropical Storm Grace leaves destruction in its path

"We never expected that." This was the initial reaction from The White House Operations Supervisor Carlos Frias after seeing the destruction Tropical Storm Grace left at the Bodden Town business, but that could easily be any Grand Cayman resident's reaction following the storm's passage on Wednesday.

Major clean-up operation in wake of Tropical Storm Grace

A major island-wide clean-up was under way in Grand Cayman Thursday as authorities continued to assess the impact of a direct hit from Tropical Storm Grace.

All-clear given as Grace moves away from Cayman

Cayman's National Emergency Operations Centre issued the all-clear for Grand Cayman at 6pm Wednesday (18 Aug.) as Hurricane Grace continues to move away from the Cayman Islands. 

CUC waits for all-clear to work on restoring power

Caribbean Utilities Company said it will be sending crews out to assess damage to its lines once the all-clear is given from Tropical Storm Grace, while confirming that there are no problems with its generation plant.

Tropical Storm Grace in images & video

A selection of photos and video as Tropical Storm Grace hit the Cayman Islands 18 Aug.

Grace becomes hurricane as heavy showers, high winds batter Cayman

Grace has strengthened just west of Grand Cayman and is now a Category 1 hurricane, according to data from Hurricane Hunter aircraft.
Tropical Storm Grace caused flooding in some areas of the Cayman Islands. - Photo: Contributed

VIDEO: Grace pummels Cayman

Some have experienced flooding, power outages and more, as you see in this report from Cayman Compass Editor-in-Chief Kevin Morales. 

Live blog: Tropical Storm Grace aftermath

Latest news and developments on storm closures in the Cayman Islands.

Tropical Storm Grace to move ‘near or over’ Cayman

Tropical Storm Grace is forecast to move near or over the Cayman Islands early Wednesday, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

Health Minister appeals for residents to utilise shelters

Health Minister Sabrina Turner has called on residents in flood-prone areas to utilise the hurricane shelters that have been opened in preparation for the passage of Tropical Storm Grace.
A woman walks next to a tarp in a makeshift camp on 17 Aug. after Tropical Depression Grace passed through the area of Les Cayes, Haiti - Photo: Reuters/Ricardo Ardueng

Strengthening Grace pummels Jamaica with heavy rain, wind

Tropical Storm Grace pounded Jamaica with heavy rain and wind on Tuesday after causing flooding in parts of Haiti, which is scrambling to deal with a major earthquake at the weekend that killed more than 1,400 people.

UPDATE: Cayman Islands placed under tropical storm warning

Tropical Depression Grace is continuing to track generally in the direction of the Cayman Islands and is expected to regain Tropical Storm status Tuesday as it strengthens over the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

Tropical Depression Grace shifts south, severe weather bulletin to be issued

The National Weather Service is expected to issue severe weather bulletin today as the forecast track for Tropical Depression Grace shifted south bringing the system closer to the Sister Islands.

New system strengthens in Atlantic as Fred continues north of Cuba

A new tropical depression is likely to form this weekend near the Lesser Antilles, National Hurricane Center forecasters have said.

Dominican Republic feeling effects of Tropical Storm Fred

The Dominican Republic has reported feeling some of the effects of Tropical Storm Fred as it nears Hispaniola Wednesday morning.

Tropical Storm Fred forms just south of Puerto Rico

Potential Tropical Cyclone Six has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Fred and is expected to pass north of the Cayman area in the next 60 hours, Friday morning.

Suspected lightning strike knocks out weather radar generator

Cayman's National Weather Service radar is currently down for repairs after a suspected lightning strike, NWS director general John Tibbetts has said.

Disturbance to become tropical storm

Tropical storm watches have been issued for portions of the Leeward Islands as the disturbance near Barbados is projected to strengthen further Monday night into a storm.

Tropical depression expected to form later today

Forecasters are projecting a low pressure system located about 150 miles east of Barbados to develop into a tropical depression later today.

Two weather systems could become tropical depressions this week

Two of three weather systems churning in the Atlantic basin are set to develop into tropical depressions over the coming days, the National Hurricane Center has said.

Forecasters keep watch over three weather systems

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are keeping a close watch over three weather systems now churning in the Atlantic basin.

Storm suppressing conditions in the Atlantic lift

After a three-week lull, the Atlantic Hurricane basin is heating up. In the last 48 hours the National Hurricane Centre in Miami, Florida, issued an update which highlighted two sub-tropical disturbances that could develop into tropical storm.

NOAA calls for more storms in 2021

The National Hurricane Center is calling for a more active season than previously forecast.

Disturbance off US coastline under watch

The National Hurricane Centre has projected that an area of low pressure off the southeastern United States coastline could develop into a tropical depression in the coming days.
Elsa, once again a tropical storm, has passed north of the Cayman Islands.

Tropical Storm watch discontinued as Elsa passes

The National Weather Service Monday morning (5 July) discontinued a Tropical Storm watch for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman as Tropical Storm Elsa passed north of the Cayman Islands, according to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Elsa prompts flood warning for Cayman

Although Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to pass a hundred miles north-east of the Cayman Islands, weather forecasters say outer showers bands are expected to cause flooding in low lying areas across all three islands.

Sister Islands placed under tropical storm watch

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have both been placed under a tropical storm watch as the National Weather Service continues to track Hurricane Elsa as it strengthens.
A satellite image of Hurricane Elsa from Friday, 2 July.

Breaking: Elsa strengthens to hurricane

Tropical storm Elsa intensified to a category one hurricane Friday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Sister Islands placed under tropical storm alert as TS Elsa continues track

The Sister Islands has been placed under a tropical storm alert Thursday night based on the current track of Tropical Storm Elsa, Hazard Management Cayman Islands has said.

Update: Tropical Storm Elsa forms, heading towards Windward Islands

Tropical Storm Elsa has formed in the Atlantic basin and is set to impact the Cayman Islands later this weekend based on its current track.

Strengthening weather system could affect Sister Islands Sunday

The National Weather Service has said the Sister Islands could be impacted from Sunday and into next week by the weather system, currently named potential cyclone five east-southeast of the Windward Islands.

Update: Weather system set to become tropical depression

Forecasters have projected that in the Atlantic basin a broad area of low pressure, which is associated with a tropical wave, will become a tropical depression in the coming days.

Update: Two weather systems under close watch

Forecasters have upgraded their projections for one of two weather systems being closely monitored in the Atlantic basin, giving it a 40% chance of development through this week.

Forecasters watching new tropical wave

Forecasters are keeping watch over a new system developing east southeast of the Windward Islands. 

Tropical Storm Bill forms, likely to be short-lived

Tropical storm Bill has formed far off the coast of North Carolina, making it the second named storm for the 2021 hurricane season.

Three active weather systems being monitored

Forecasters are keeping close watch over three weather systems which have the potential to develop into tropical depressions or storms over the course of this week.

HMCI: No guarantee on hurricane evacuation flights

With borders still closed Hazard Management Cayman Islands leaders have said they cannot guarantee frequent evacuation flights out of Cayman over hurricane season especially for those who are not vaccinated.

Storm names set for 2021

Storm names are set for what forecasters say could be an active Atlantic basin hurricane season in 2021.

Wind, marine advisories remain in effect

Marine and "near gale force winds" advisories remain in effect for the Cayman Islands Thursday and Friday, according to the Cayman Islands National Weather Service.

Cayman under severe weather warnings

Cayman’s National Weather Service issued a pair of severe weather warnings late Tuesday, according to the NWS’ 10pm update.

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