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CBC searches for missing Cuban migrants

Customs and Border Control is searching for four Cuban nationals who have gone missing in Cayman.

CBC intercepts marijuana edible candies

Customs and Border Control has seize several marijuana infused edible products which were disgusted as popular snacks

Cuban baby now in DCFS care, father injured in scuffle with CBC

The one-year-old Cuban infant who was removed by court order from her parents during the four-day standoff with Customs and Border Control officers remains in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Standoff between Cubans and law enforcement ends

A Cayman Islands Coast Guard vessel has brought an infant and, shortly thereafter, her parents to shore this evening, following a standoff that began earlier this week. 

Update: Cuban standoff: Baby running fever, says mom

The 1-year-old baby caught in the middle of the standoff between Customs and Border Control and 12 Cubans has a fever and is not feeling well, her mother Erica Alvarez-Freites has confirmed.

Gov’t grants exemption to protesting Cuban couple

Cabinet has granted protesting Cuban couple Javier Freites and Erica Alvarez-Freites an exemption which will allow the mother of one to work in the Cayman Islands, Customs and Border Control has confirmed.

Individual imports expected to set record for holiday season

Customs and Border Control officials registered nearly $130 million worth of incoming goods in November as individual imports by residents reached a record 23,407.

Cuban migrants placed in quarantine

A dozen Cuban migrants were taken into custody after landing in Little Cayman over the weekend. 

Border Control loses track of 14 Cuban migrants

The Customs and Border Control Service is trying to trace 14 Cuban migrants after the electronic monitoring devices they were wearing lost connection on Monday.

Crown counsel: Officers can’t be blamed for executing search warrant

A Crown counsel has told the Grand Court that Customs and Border Control officers cannot be held legally liable for executing a search warrant...

Doctors Express to sue CBC over vape-products seizure

A legal battle between Doctors Express Urgent Care Ltd., and the Customs and Border Control is expected to begin in the Grand Court tomorrow (3 Nov.).

Refugees turn to Cayman’s ARK for safe shelter

Seven months since the shutdown of Cayman’s tourism sector, life remains uncertain for many other unemployed foreign-born workers who remain on island.

Marriage rights for refugees being considered

Customs and Border Control is reviewing possible amendments to the section of Cayman Islands law covering asylum, following months of demonstrations by Cuban protesters over government’s denial of refugee marriage rights.

Cuban protesters, baby released from police custody

Three Cuban protestors and a baby were taken into custody by police on Wednesday while demonstrating outside the Government Administration Building over ongoing denial of refugees’ marriage rights in the Cayman Islands.

CBC seizes ganja in package declared as gift

A 24-year-old Caymanian man was recently arrested after Customs and Border Control agents seized an incoming package containing approximately one pound of marijuana.

Man arrested after ganja found in soup cans

A 29-year-old Caymanian man was arrested after Customs and Border Control officers discovered ganja hidden in shipment of canned soups earlier this month.
Immigration & employment during the COVID-19 crisis

Home isolation board: No breaches in programme

The board overseeing the 29 participants in Cayman’s test run of its home isolation protocols confirmed on Sunday that there has been no breaches of the programme under its watch.

Bureaucracy, confusion mar Cayman’s courier mail

There are school uniforms, medications, gifts from family, and business supplies. The list goes on of online orders and packages stuck in limbo somewhere...

Cuban refugees petition for marriage rights in Cayman

At least three Cuban adults who successfully petitioned for asylum in Cayman have been denied the ability to add a spouse as a dependent to their immigration status, due to the wording of the Customs and Border Control Law (2018).

WORC addresses jobs portal ‘teething problems’

Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman’s new jobs portal has been struggling with reliability and accessibility issues since its introduction earlier this year. Wesley Howell, chief officer in the Ministry of Employment and Border Control said, so far, the portal had not been well received by employers.

Lockdown shopping fuels rise in imports

Online shopping during the COVID-19 lockdown led to an increase in imports to Cayman, and Customs and Border Control officials say they expect those trends to continue as international travel restrictions remain.

Customs and Border Control officer tests positive for COVID

A Customs and Border Control officer has tested positive for COVID-19, the department confirmed Tuesday.

Employers to foot bill for work-permit holders’ isolation

All work-permit holders returning to Cayman will be required to isolate for 14 day at government’s isolation facilities, but it will be on their employers’ dime, according to new conditions released on Friday.

Package of ganja washes up on Brac

Police searched the shoreline along South Side East Road on Cayman Brac today (6 May) after a 2-pound parcel of ganja was found washed up on shore.

138 overstayers leave Cayman using amnesty protection

A total of 138 overstayers have made use of the Customs and Border Control amnesty launched late last month.

Overstayers amnesty granted

Government has instituted an amnesty against prosecution for overstayers with immediate effect.

Customs outlines air cargo collection arrangements

The Customs and Border Control Service has outlined some details of how businesses and individuals can clear and collect their cargo that arrived by air before or during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Illegal workers busted in George Town

Several people have been arrested after a tip-off on illegal employment activity at a large-scale construction site in George Town.

$1M sought for coronavirus fight

Health officials will be requesting Cabinet approval for just over $1 million as part of local coronavirus response preparations.
Face mask

Cayman ramping up coronavirus response efforts

Cayman’s National Security Council is expected to meet early this week to consider whether travel restrictions should be implemented locally in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cuban migrants arrive on Cayman Brac

Thirty-one Cuban migrants landed in Cayman Brac on Friday, 13 Dec.

5 arrested in late-night operation at port

The Customs and Border Control Service arrested five people at the George Town port Thursday night for various work and other offences, according to...

Multiple government officers convicted in largest-ever corruption case

The third and final instalment of Cayman’s largest-ever corruption trial ended Thursday when a jury delivered three guilty verdicts. The latest verdicts bring the...

Defence makes case in ongoing corruption trial

Attorneys for three women accused of defrauding the government through a scheme to pay to pass Immigration Department English-language tests mounted their defence in the Grand Court this week.

Woman takes stand in corruption trial

On day three of an ongoing corruption trial, the prosecution’s key witness took to the stand. Wiping tears from her eyes, Elsy Liseth Diaz, 49,...

Immigration corruption trial starts in Grand Court

The trial of three women accused of conspiring to defraud the government began in the Grand Court on Wednesday.

Customs comes under the microscope

Operations at Cayman’s new Customs and Border Control department will be examined Wednesday as the Public Accounts Committee resumes hearings.

Customs seize vaping products in Doctors Express search

Customs and Border Control officers searched Doctors Express Tuesday, days after the medical facility was forced to pull cannabis vaping products from its shelves, according to a government spokesperson.

Cost of private migrant housing on par with prison detention

The cost of housing Cuban asylum applicants in private housing has been comparable to the cost of holding migrants in detention at a Prison Service facility, according to records released by Customs and Border Control through a Freedom of Information request.

Cayman airport used in undercover drugs sting

U.S. Homeland Security agents shipped five kilos of sham cocaine through the Cayman Islands in a sting to catch a New Jersey baggage handler connected to an international drug smuggling operation.
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Customs and Border Control made 11 arrests in first month

The Customs and Border Control arrested 11 people for contraband, issued 12 fines for declaration violations, and refused entry to nine people for various offenses during the first month of operations after being merged from the Immigration and Customs Departments this year, according to the organization.

Police find ganja in Prospect home

A 37-year-old George Town man was arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja and possession of criminal property on Friday following a police raid.

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